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I’m joining the Strange Kids’ Club

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Hello everyone.  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s “best of 2010” movie article.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting my “worst of 2010” movie article.  Stay tuned for it because you are either going to really enjoy it or really want to rip my liver out through my belly button.  It’s gonna be epic.

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a head’s up that I’ve been asked to contribute content to the website/blog Strange Kids’ Club.  For the last year or so Rondal’s great site has been a friend of the Cavalcade and I check his site regularly.  I talked about Strange Kids Club back in June when they interviewed Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s.

Well, Rondal asked if I would join the Clubhouse and start writing articles for the site. I had to agree because I love his site and any chance I get to “flex my writing muscles” is one I like to take. So I am on board and my first two articles were posted yesterday. Currently, I have two recurring columns I’ll be writing. The first is called Forgotten Favorites and it’ll focus on forgotten but awesome items from our pop culture past. The first installment talks about the Atari 2600 game, Yars’ Revenge. Check that here.

The second column is called On the Shelves and will be a weekly look at the DVDs/Blu-Rays available to buy that week. I’ll make funny comments and some recommends/not recommends for some of the bigger and geekier home video releases. The first installment of On The Shelves also went up yesterday. Check it out here.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to write this site in conjunction with my articles over there, it’s just another outlet for my overwhelmingly awesome creativity.  So mosey on over to Strange Kids Club and check out some of the awesome stuff.  I guarantee you’ll really like it.

Held Over

And check out my vintage movie advertisement blog, Held Over.  This week I’ve been updating with ads for movies that were picked by the Library of Congress to be added to their archives.  It’s been a lot of fun.

So stay tuned, tomorrow is my “worst of 2010” movie article.  It’ll make me either a God or a goat.

Movie Board: My favorite movies of 2010

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Movie Board

Here we are again.  It’s time for my annual encounter with The Movie Board.  We’ve been through a lot, Movie Board, and it’s time to do it again.  Let’s dance.

First off, let’s take a look at this year’s Movie Board.

Movie Board 2010
My Movie Board 2010

According to it’s all-knowing whiteness I saw 52 movies this past year.  Very close to last year in which I saw 53 movies.  I was on a tear throughout the summer, way ahead of my pace for last year, but the pace slowed to a crawl in September with the birth of my son.  However, I rallied and was able to get my movie viewing total back up over 50.  Actually, the number of movies I saw was probably closer to 60 as I also saw movies like True Grit (the original), Death Trap and Harry Brown, but they were all released before 2010.  And this list is for movies released within the calendar 2010 movie season.

Anyway, from this list I’ve culled my favorites.  And here they are in no particular order.

Inception – Mind bending.  Best way to describe this movie.  Leo is great in this.  I think I prefer this movie to Shutter Island.  I’d definitely watch Inception again before watching Shutter Island.  Sure, some of the dream mechanics are a little…ill defined.  Sure, Ellen Page’s character actually going into the dream made little to no sense.  But I enjoyed it all the same.  Fun and interesting story, action and a cliff hanger ending that usually SERIOUSLY pisses me off but didn’t here.  I love that rotating hallway fight sequence.  So awesome.

Salt – I was blown away by this movie.  It’s brutally AWESOME.  The action is intense.  I was not expecting the action and suspense in this movie to be as balls out awesome as it is.  Angelina is great and Liev Shreiber is also great (as usual).  So ridiculously good.  It’s like a female Bourne Identity.  I seriously think this is nearly as good as the first Bourne Identity (not the last one, the first one).

Harry Potter 7-1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I – I have seen every one of these movie in the theater.  And dammit if every one of these movies hasn’t gotten better and better.  Prisoner of Azkaban is phenomenal, Goblet of Fire is pretty good, but then Order of Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince are nothing short of spectacular.  And this movie just continues that awesomeness forward.  However, many people I know have been saying they were disappointed with this one.  I think it’s all expectations.  This movie is much darker than any other of the movies.  Plus, it covers the section of the book where Ron leaves and Harry and Hermione are running/searching for horcruxes alone.  Many people thought that storyline was boring in the book but I loved it.  It shows just how difficult a time they had and just how cut off from the rest of the wizarding world they really were.  Makes what happens later mean more.  I love this movie and I can’t wait to watch the next one.  Oh, yeah, since this is a Part I, it sets up a lot of the story for Part II, which may throw people off also.

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