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Nerd Lunch and Atomic Geek crossover episodes!

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Atomic Geeks

This is week #2 of the HUGE Nerd Lunch/Atomic Geeks Summer Crossover series. This week, the casts of both shows get all mixed up and swap members.

First up is Nerd Lunch Episode 48.  Digio and Downs join CT and Kristen from the Geek Girls Network for an in-depth, expletive-laden discussion of Doctor Who.

Dr Who

Since Jeeg and I weren’t on this episode, I literally have no idea what they talked about…well, other than Dr Who. And maybe the Tardis. And Daleks. But that is the sum total of my Dr Who knowledge.

While Nerd Lunch yells at each other about the “easy fix button” that is the Sonic Screwdriver (I guess I knew that term, too) Jeeg and I traveled over to the Atomic Geeks for Episode 172 in which we discuss “Mash Ups” with Christian and Bloom.

Mashup or Shutup

I can tell you we talked about mashing up such things as board games and 80s-90s sitcoms, Super heroes and the AFI 100 greatest movies list and Pac-Man and horror movies. It’s all mixed up and confusing, much like this Summer Crossover series, but it’s a lot of fun.

To get Nerd Lunch Episode 48:
Download the episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner. Or, listen to the show on

To get The Atomic Geeks Episode 172:
Download the episode from iTunes or listen to it on The Internet Machine at the Atomic Geeks’ website.


I talk about Casablanca on Classic Film Jerks Episode #8

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For the next two weeks, The Atomic Geeks and Nerd Lunch podcasts are having a summer crossover extravaganza. To start things off, I am the first guest ever on the podcast Classic Film Jerks. I am brought in by Digio and Bloom for Episode #8 in which we watch and discuss the Bergman/Bogart classic, Casablanca.


The three of us talk about the movie, if there was anything we liked/disliked about it or if anything stood out as being anachronistic or “out of date”.  We also recast the movie if it had been made today. At the end during our recast, I blow the other guys’ minds by mentioning that there was a TV show based on this movie in 1983 starring one of the guys from Starsky and Hutch.  It’s a pretty fun show.

You can listen to this podcast on iTunes or check it out on the Classic Film Jerks website.

The Atomic Geeks Episode 168: There Can Be Only One TWO

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

I was asked by the Atomic Geeks to join them as their guest for an episode.  That episode is out now.  It’s Episode 168 – There Can Be Only One TWO!

Grease 2

This is the sequel installment to the Geeks’ Episode 134. Digio gives us two choices, one thing to keep and one thing to remove from existence.  And Digio comes up with some Sophie’s Choice style decisions.  And yes, Grease 2 does in fact come up in a side discussion and possible sing along between me and Downs.

So you get two podcasts this week featuring me.  This is truly a glorious week.

Download this episode from iTunes RIGHT NOW.  Or, listen to it on the Interwebs at The Atomic Geeks’ website.