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The Atomic Geeks Episode 168: There Can Be Only One TWO

Posted in podcast, pop culture with tags , , , on July 5, 2012 by Paxton

Nerd Lunch Podcast

I was asked by the Atomic Geeks to join them as their guest for an episode.  That episode is out now.  It’s Episode 168 – There Can Be Only One TWO!

Grease 2

This is the sequel installment to the Geeks’ Episode 134. Digio gives us two choices, one thing to keep and one thing to remove from existence.  And Digio comes up with some Sophie’s Choice style decisions.  And yes, Grease 2 does in fact come up in a side discussion and possible sing along between me and Downs.

So you get two podcasts this week featuring me.  This is truly a glorious week.

Download this episode from iTunes RIGHT NOW.  Or, listen to it on the Interwebs at The Atomic Geeks’ website.