Spockcation 2009: Spock has arrived!!

Spockcation 2009

I posted back in April that I was a part of Eclectorama’s Spockcation 2009.  Spockcation 2009 involves a 12″ Spock action figure traveling abroad and getting his picture taken in tons of different cities.  As of two days ago, Spock has arrived at my place.  I’ll be spending the next week hanging out with him.  I have some fun places for us to visit.  Maybe we’ll visit the beaches and scope for chicks, maybe visit Jacksonville Memorial Stadium where the Jacksonville Jags play, maybe I’ll even challenge him to a drinking contest because we all know Vulcans can’t hold their liquor.  We’ll see where the week takes us.

It’s time to get rowdy like a 1st grade classroom.  I’ll post the pics of the aftermath of our Vulcan Olympics next week.

Spock's Arrival


2 Responses to “Spockcation 2009: Spock has arrived!!”

  1. Can’t wait to see the photos, the game and the beach sound promising. Don’t for get to send some my way, you guys have a good time.

    • Hopefully I’ll be getting into a game. The Jags are in summer training so it would be inter-squad scrimmages, but even if I can’t get into it, I’ll still take pics around the stadium area.

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