Spockcation 2009: Preparing for Spock’s Arrival plus I’m on Twitter

Spockcation 2009

Hey, everyone, with the impending release of the new Star Trek movie in May, the toy blog eclectorama is hosting what it’s dubbed as Spockcation 2009. A 12″ figure of Spock is being sent across the country to various blog owners in order to be photographed in various cities. I was chosen as the representative for Florida. So, at some point, I’ll have Spock come my way and I’ll get to take a bunch of fun pics with the little guy. Can’t wait.

Anyway, today, April 14, is the kick off day for Spockcation. The tiny Vulcan is heading to Canada for his first stop. Here’s Spock’s itinerary.

Spocation Update Map

I’ll update you guys when the pictures start rolling in for the diminutive alien’s ongoing roadshow.  I’ll also let you know when it’s my turn to host Mr Spock at my place.

How about another quick announcement? I’ve joined the social networking site, Twitter. Some of you may have heard of it. My Twitter id is paxtonholley (I know, so original).


I currently have about 13 followers and I’m following 20 other people.


Some of the 20 people I’m following include Stephen Colbert, Ellen DeGeneres, Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office), director Kevin Smith, writer Michael Ian Black and several of the comedy writers at Cracked.com. Twitter is a cool, social networking site that is a scaled down, miniaturist Facebook. You enter updates called “tweets” that can only be 140 characters in length, but you can do as many as you want. It’s like a crazier, much more funny version of reading people’s Facebook status updates. Some call it micro-blogging. I love it. I try to put in 2 or more entries a day. It’s like doing this blog but I update more often and my articles are only 140 characters in length. If you are already on Twitter, start following me right here. If you aren’t on Twitter, join the rest of the cool, hip world and join, then start following me. You wont’ regret it. Also, as you know, I try to keep things, language wise, as clean as possible on this blog. However, no such rule is in effect on Twitter. Several of the people I follow (see names above), as well as myself, pepper in some salty language here and there. It’s by no means excessive, it just is what it is. Just wanted to give you a head’s up. I’m not going to start using language on this blog, but my twitter feed will have it. FYI.  If you want to see samples of my tweets, check them out here.

Napa Valley

So, I missed last week. Sorry about that, I was across the country in California visiting wine country with my wife. That was the surprise vacation I mentioned last week. In case you were wondering (I know you were), we had a blast and the Napa/Sonoma Valley countryside was beautiful. I can’t complain about a day that begins and ends with a glass of wine.

Anyway, follow me on Twitter, click over to Flickr to see my wine country photos and stay tuned for some hilarious Spock photos for Spockcation 2009.

Here are some more of the aforementioned Flickr photos to whet your appetite:

Chateau MontelenaCastello di Amorosa


7 Responses to “Spockcation 2009: Preparing for Spock’s Arrival plus I’m on Twitter”

  1. Thanks for the shout out about Spockcation. Can’t wait to see Spock in Florida.

    Oh and Spock’s about 9″, but he’ll take 12, LOL.

    • Ahh, thanks, Charles. I couldn’t tell from the images if he was a full 12″. I’ll gladly keep calling him 12″ to boost the ego. 😉

  2. Congrats on getting Spock! Sounds right up your alley.
    About Twitter, I’m following you, but I’m not a big fan of it. Too many updates on there. Just don’t get it.

    • Yeah, the number of updates depends on how many people you follow. The quality also depends on the people you follow. You have to play around with the people you follow to get the right amount of updates/quality. Some celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Dane Cook update A LOT. Some of the Cracked writers I follow play Twitter games where they put out a topic and you answer back. It’s fun. Play with it a bit, I’m sure you’ll start liking it.

  3. Oh my gosh, SPOCK! I love him!
    I’m currently addicted to facebook myself. I don’t Twitter yet.
    Nice photos 🙂

  4. Beautiful pics! I’m still resisting Twitter… doing good so far!

  5. Haha! AWESOME! You need to have Spock meet Wata-Sta!

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