How my iPod Shuffle controls my runs like a mini-dictator

Okay, I mentioned earlier that I ran the Gate River Run here in Jacksonville on Mar 14. Well, I was able to run the whole 9.3 miles and I finished in 1hr and 33minutes. That’s right at 10 minute miles. I’m happy with that and I hope to break that next year. If you want to see some pics of me during the race click here.  Beware, I look ROUGH.

I’ve had a few people ask what I like to listen to when I’m running and the answer is my iPod Shuffle. I load it up with some awesome running tunes and then just let it pick the order. It’s great. As for the type of music, I enjoy hard rock and a bit of gangsta rap when I run. I need high energy to keep me going. No ballads or wimpy crap. I need ball-drivin’, head-bangin’, car-crashin’, ear-splittin’ RAAAAWWWWWWK when I run.

The other day I was feeling saucy so I hooked my Shuffle up to the computer and set iTunes to auto-load songs. This means I have no idea what was picked as everything was just picked at random. Normally, I tell iTunes what songs I want, then the iPod picks the playlist order, but this time I let iTunes pick the songs. FYI…that was a HUGE mistake. I have this running condition called MADD, Music Attention Deficit Disorder. I may LOVE a song in the car, but when I’m running, odds are, I’m going to hate it. Seriously, when I’m running, the chances of me liking a song are cut to 50%, at least.

Want to know how my run went? Below is the horrible sound track to a man dying. There were some good songs, but then, there was everything else.

Metallica – Enter Sandman – Ooooo, good startup song. Nice beat, heavy guitar riffs and high energy. Everyone bitches about Metallica selling out after their self-titled “black” album in 1991. That’s crap and nonsense. I say Metallica’s only GOOD music came after they released the “black” album. Everything before it was ass. That’s right I said it, pre-sell out Metallica sucked.
Silvertide – I Ain’t Coming Home – Nice, nice. Keep it high-energy. Silvertide is a really good rock band. They have this bluesy, southern rock vibe mixed with hard rock guitar riffs and heavy drums. I love them. They’ve only had one album however, and that was released in like 2004.
Nelly – Grillz – Good rap song, however, it’s totally overplayed. I guess iTunes sees that I play it a lot. Hence the problem, I’m sick of it. ***SKIP***
Duran Duran – The Reflex – Dude I totally LOVE this song. Awesome. But not right now ***SKIP***
Nickelback – Animals – Oh, snap. This is a kick ass song. This’ll get me through the next mile. Bad ass guitar and a really fast, high energy song. Great for running. Nickelback ROCKS, dude (I do the rock “devil horns” into the air while I run).
Tech N9ne – Caribou Lou – This song is the shiz-nit. Kansas City rapper, Tech N9ne brings it in this homage to his favorite drink. Listen to this song and try NOT to bob your head to it’s chant-like chorus.
Chingy – Right Thurr – Overplayed and so 5 years ago ***SKIP***
Coldplay – Viva la Vida – You know how I know you’re gay? You listen to Coldplay. Dammit!! Steph’s music must have gotten mixed up in here. Note to self: Delete all Coldplay from computer. ***SKIP***
Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry – I liked Fergie-licious but hate this song. Damn you iTunes auto-load ***SKIP***
Sarah McLachlen – I Will Remember You – WHA-?! ***SKIP***
Peggy Lee – Fever – Okay, this one creeps me out. It keeps popping up on my iPod. Even when I load the iPod with songs myself, I don’t include this, yet it keeps getting on there somehow. Even if I re-format and do it again. WTF?! My iPod is possessed by Peggy Lee. I guess Shuffle REALLY wants me to listen to it. Too bad… ***SKIP***
The Killers – Human – STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPH!!! DAMN YOU AND YOUR HORRIBLE TASTE IN MUSIC!!!! (Shakes fist in the air during run while people stare blankly) ***SKIP***
New Kids on the Block – Didn’t I Blow Your Mind – Oh, yes. Good one, iPod. Well played. YOU’RE FIRED! ***SKIP***
Ne-Yo – Closer – What? I don’t even own this song. ***SKIP***
Brady Bunch theme song – Okay, now you’re just screwing with me, iPod. ***SKIP***
Sound of a thousand children laughing – Umm…..??? ***SKIP***
Suzy Q – Trees – Wait…I don’t think I’ve ever heard… that even a real song? ***SKIP***
Mad Men — Season 1 — Episode 8 – A…TV show… on my Shuffle?! How–***SKIP***
Offspring – Hit That – HA! Finally! Kick ass ***SKIP***
Metallica – King Nothing – Wait, I didn’t skip the last song…WTF is going on? ***SKIP***
Tom Jones – Leave Your Hat On – STOP SKIPPING!!!!!!!!! ***SKIP***
TobyMac – The Slam – OMG!!! The Shuffle is going SkyNet!!! IT’S BECOME SELF-AWARE!!!! IT’S ATTACKING ME WITH IT’S USB PORT!!!!!—————————————————–

Nevermind.  Forget what I just said.  Everything is fine.  The iPod Shuffle works perfectly.  I have no problems with my iPod Shuffle.  It’s great.  Buy an iPod Shuffle, you won’t regret it.

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11 Responses to “How my iPod Shuffle controls my runs like a mini-dictator”

  1. you go boy, great job on the run! *ahem* ‘delete all coldplay’??? bite your tongue

  2. Your former freakin' neighbor Says:

    Dude, that run looked a little warm. Either that or you jumped in the river on your way to the finish line. My only quibble is the belt. As long as one of those was filled with whiskey, you are still manly, because otherwise, it’s like running down the road with a tampon affixed to your belt.

    Just kidding. There have been many times in races when a tiny bit of gatorade would have been nice.

  3. Yeah, I too was not in love with the way the Fuel Belt looked. However, the Gate River Run only had water at the water stations and I prefer electrolyte enhanced refreshment when I run. I mix SmartWater with Gatorade powder to double the electrolyte intake.

  4. Your former freakin' neighbor Says:

    I was checking out running in Jax. Any interest in the Tour De Pain?

    Looks like it might be fun (in a painful sort of way).

  5. Mike,

    I could be talked into doing that.

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