Michael Jackson dies at UCLA hospital

Thriller 25Thriller video

Well, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead yesterday at 50 years old. Very sad. I loved Michael Jackson during the ’80s and ’90s. The guy was a phenomenal performer, whose career success and problems later in life mirrored fellow superstar, Elvis Presley.

MJ stickers 1Michael Jackson story

Jackson’s most popular album, Thriller, was released in late 1982.  It earned Jackson a record breaking 7 Grammy awards and stayed in the Billboard Top Ten for over a year.  Seven of the album’s nine songs were released as singles.  The videos for Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller have become industry classics. Michael Jackson’s performance on the TV special Motown 25 in 1983 cemented his status as a performing sensation and kept Thriller on the top of the charts.

Motown 25 VHS

Jackson’s Thriller music video in 1983 was a musical event not seen in the industry before, and possibly even since. It was less a music video and more a short film as it was directed by known horror director John Landis. How many music videos have a film length “making of” documentary filmed and released at the same time?

Michael Jackson changed the industry.  He was such a crossover phenomenon he became the spokesman for Pepsi and released a massively successful campaign including the commercial Jackson Street.

He would remain the spokesman for years afterward.  It is sad to see such a performer pass on.  He was preparing to go back out on a massive worldwide tour when he died.  He will be missed by millions all over the globe.


10 Responses to “Michael Jackson dies at UCLA hospital”

  1. He is the reason I started learning English. I used to dream that one day i’d meet him and be able to speak his language with him. I never thought it would be of any other good, but now I teach it! I’ve been an ET for over 9 years now. Who would have thought… So Michael’s death is almost a personal tragedy for me.
    R.I.P. Michael. You will always have a special place in my heart!

  2. Your Former Neighbor Says:

    Sorry When I hear his music I think if the joke:

    “How do you know it’s bedtime at Michael Jackson’s house? When the big hand touches the little hand.”

    Ruined all his music for me, even the Wierd Al parodies of his songs.

  3. He will be sorely missed. So many of us grew up listening to his music. The Thriller video fascinated me. It was amazing to watch.

  4. I have just started a petition to bring captain eo back to epcot please sign it if you would like to see that happen http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/captaineoepcot/

  5. I started to enjoy MJ a lot lately. I wish i would have started that before he died :(. RIP

  6. i miss you and love you mj i hate when peopel make fun of you i love you michael rip 😦 we miss you

  7. thriller speachless rock with you rock my world you are not alone will you be there beat it they dont relly care about us dirty diana pyt pretty young thang the way you make me feel dont stop till you get enogh scream say say billie jean smooth crimanal jam leve me alone who is it all of mj songs i miss him so much with out him i can harly live i miss him he is the king forever he is in a better place any ways i love you mj peopel that make fun of him get a life and a heart mj is the an will alwes be the best and the king and if you dont like him forget you i love you mj forever i love you mj forver you are the best i love you king king of pop king of musici love you mj you are the best king of pop i love you forever when i herd i cryed and fated i couden stop crying cuse i kept thing of michael j:(

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