Day of the Ninja dawns again

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Yes, my friends, Ninja Day has dawned once again. Today is officially, Day of the Ninja. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since I revealed to you all that I was one of the dark clan and we last celebrated this most sacred of holidays.

If you don’t know, today is the day we celebrate those that belong to that most deadly of fraternities; The Ninja. It is also a day to shun those that belong to the group that opposes all that ninjas stand for, the ninja arch-nemesis, The Pirate. In case you fail to see the difference in the clean, deadly ninja and the dirty, mouth-breathing Pirate, here’s a chart for your convenience. Click the chart to go to the Official Headquarters of Ninja Day.

Ninja Day Chart

How can you celebrate ninja day? Quietly, but deadly, stalk one of your co-workers. Figure out 50 different ways to kill the person you are currently talking to. Find a pirate and torture him slowly, then using only your wits and an old shoe, kill him (or, if you are more advanced, a good luck troll). If you get hungry during Ninja Day, place a to-go order with Ninja Burger. Don’t worry about giving them your address, they know where you live. If your food isn’t there in 30 minutes, they commit Seppuku.

As you see, there are many things you can do to celebrate Ninja Day. If you got questions then The Ninja has answers, check out the Ask A Ninja podcasts. Immerse yourself in the lore and mystery of the ninja today. They deserve your utmost respect.

After all, there’s only two seconds separating you and the business end of a katana.

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38 Responses to “Day of the Ninja dawns again”

  1. […] readers know that this blog celebrates Ninja Day every year.  See last year here.  And 2006 […]

  2. slt ca va ???? ça roool pour ça je croi t coool

  3. mahesh tamrakar Says:

    I want to be ninja.with cool mind i am going to say that i want tob ninja

  4. hei guys i want to be ninja, because it`s my dream, i want to be shinobi.

  5. visit my yahoo 360 page!
    I AM A NINJA!!!!

  6. Ninja Reyhane Says:

    I’M A NINJA!!!!!!

  7. Yo dude, I’m total ninja. I fight bad guys wit the sword and eat rice wit my toes. Ya, I’m total ninja man, total ninja.

  8. NinjaMatthew Says:

    Ninja Ninja everywhere
    Who dare?

  9. This is funny…And odd….

  10. Im a certified ninja of washington state

  11. I appreciate your post it kept me occupied for a a bit. I have a Katana site at when you have some time!!

  12. i am also ninja but i am dark part of it.

  13. monkeyboyrob Says:

    seppuku, huh?

    i thought harakiri was a samurai thing to do, ninjas being too practical for any “honorable” suicide crap.

    even a pirate would not offer his belly as food for the gods (though, he’d ought to, for lame costume alone).

    i, for one, am not a ninja- i cannot seem to master the craft of fashioning weaponry from farming implements. i am, however, a fan of asymmetrical warfare, and as a gardener, am stoked that ninjas are all about whacking out the nobles.

    it’s really a shame that pirates are so damned loud, poorly attired, and horribly diseased- their hatred of the royals would be a good tool, if it were only focusable. perhaps if the loss of an eye were not a requirement in the journeyman phase of piracy, such focus could be achieved.

    well, then again, probably not.

  14. Hehe. Great! I am a NINJA

  15. Shhh! You’re not allowed to tell them!

  16. The ninja diagram makes ninjas sound like macs…

  17. LOL…yes it does, Libby!

  18. sakthi india Says:



  19. I am learning the art of ninja close.

  20. NinjaDoggy Says:

    Hello there, I am Thee Ninja… And I have to say this is a mokery of Ninjas.

  21. Quiero ser un ninja de gran y estupendo puede alguien ayudarme

  22. Hello from Serbian ninjas great idea for ninja day

  23. im only one greatest ninja…

    call me 0124190182

  24. I am Pirate! arrgh!!! lol jk, PRO SHINOBI

  25. Hidden Ninja Behind tree Says:

    I love ninjas…. not obsesively but i act like one and every thing … i am such a geek… hehe nice pic. btw

  26. Naruto Shipuden Ninja says: Says:

    well Hidden ninja behind tree that makes 2 of us. I take karate, and my dad is teaching me judo,(he was in the army),and my uncle is like relly into marshal arts and stuff and he is teaching me how to fight with a samiri sword. I though it would be fun at first but OWWW i have brusies every where. its been 2 weeks since i started fighting and i am getting better!!!

  27. i want to become a ninja and want to know full teqniques of that i will be thankful if some one send me the full details to become a ninja.
    thanks and regards

  28. a real ninja! seriously Says:

    hi everyone!
    If you want to be a real ninja, start training bujinkan. it is a martial art the ninj used. well, ninjutsu is the martial art used by the ninja, and the BUjinkan consists of 9 different schools, 3 of wich are ninjutsu schools.
    this is, of course, for those wanting to be a REAL ninja.

    oh yeah, and I know where you live, so donb’t try anything;)

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    And just when I thought I had survived all my children’s efforts to keep me humble, my grand son recently pulled up my shirt, laughed out loud, pinched my protruding belly button, and screamed, “look at Pa’s belly button. It is sooooooooo funny!!”

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