The Shadow starring Alec Baldwin turns 20 years old today

The Shadow

Today marks the 20 year anniversary for Russell Mulcahy’s The Shadow starring Alec Baldwin, Penelope Ann Miller and John Lone. I saw it in the theater and it has been one of my favorite movies ever since.  We recently discussed this movie on Episode 15 of the Cult Film Club.  We also listed out 30 of the things we love about The Shadow right here.

Shadow newspaper ad

Here’s what the newspaper ad for this movie looked like when it premiered on July 1, 1994.

I’ve been quietly collecting and picking up memorabilia from this movie over the last few years.


Like many movies of the time, The Shadow received an official movie magazine which featured articles interviewing the cast and crew and talking about the character of The Shadow.

Shadow novel

It would also receive a novelization written by genre superstar James Luceno.

Shadow toys Lamont Cranston fig

There was a fairly extensive line of toys with great card art. The line consisted of 9 figures with four of them being The Shadow, one being Lamont Cranston and the rest were villains.  There was also three vehicles; The Shadow’s Mirage car and Nightmist cycle and Moe’s taxi.  Unfortunately there were no playsets.  I’ve been slowly collecting carded samples of these toys over the last few years.

The Shadow pinball
(Via Internet Pinball Database)

There was also a The Shadow pinball machine with gorgeously painted artwork on it.  Check out a closer look at the amazing back glass artwork.

Earlier this year there was a Blu-Ray release of The Shadow Collector’s Edition.

If Criterion decides they want to give this movie the treatment it deserves, I’ve already made the Criterion Collection cover.

Shadow CC

The movie itself has a reputation for being bad but I think it’s much better than people are giving it credit for. Listen to Cult Film Club for a little more analysis on the movie.


2 Responses to “The Shadow starring Alec Baldwin turns 20 years old today”

  1. This is actually a movie that would be worth remaking/rebooting. Think it would do much better nowadays with superhero culture and special effects being what they are.

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