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Time Travelogues

New League assignment this week.  We apparently were off last week, but Brian has thrown a very good subject for this week.  He wants us to create a list of 10 favorite movies.  We can pick the category.  There are so many ways to slice-and-dice a list of 10 movies.  It took me a while to really think about it but I think I came up with an appropriate angle for me.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m an aficionado of time travel in pop culture.  Some say I would be an “Internet authority” on said topic (I won’t argue that). I see the movies and TV shows, I read the books.  I study it.  I enjoy it.  Check out the numerous time travel articles I’ve written on this blog as well as Episode 3 of the Nerd Lunch podcast in which we discussed time travel (and our third most downloaded episode, btw).  You can see I have something invested in this subject.  So, I thought I’d list out my 10 favorite movies that feature time travel.

I realize there are going to be ones you’ll want on, but I’m giving you my list of favorite time travel movies.  I’ll also include some honorable mentions at the bottom.

So, let’s get started going back… the future….and past.  Whatever. Oh, and I don’t normally do this, but I’m actually ranking these 10 – 1. Much like time itself, the order matters.

Galaxy Quest(Via jovisala47)
10. Galaxy Quest – Time travel is really only used in this movie as a small plot device at the very end, but it’s used very well.  The Omega 13 is a nebulous and strange device, but it worked and both spoofed the original Star Trek’s version of time travel as well as created a fun version of time travel for the movie.  Plus, I love the s**t out of this movie. The perfect spoof of classic Star Trek while simultaneously being a really good stand along sci-fi movie.
HP time turner(Via Harry Potter Wikia)
9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – This is another kind of a cheat. The movie doesn’t feature time travel, but uses it as a plot device towards the end. However, it’s used very well and the Time Turner itself is a fascinating little gadget.  This third movie in the HP franchise is so good and having time travel at the end and also realizing Hermione has been using it from the beginning of the story, just makes it that much better.

Time Crimes(Via
8. Time Crimes – This is a pretty great little suspense movie that has a plot that not only features time travel, but revolves around it.  It gets a little crazy at the end, and a little confusing as well, but I really enjoy the hell out of this movie.  It’s about a guy named Hector who stumbles upon a time machine and gets himself into several hairy situations when he’s sent back 30min into the past.

Groundhog Day(Via movieslist2010)
7. Groundhog Day – Not generally thought of by people as a time travel movie, but it is. Murray is trapped in what we call a “time loop” and has to live the last 24 hours over and over and over. Such a great movie even if the “time loop” is never really explained.

Bill and Ted(Via just plain doug)
6. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – EXCELLENT! I really do like this movie. It’s silly and dumb and makes little sense but it is so much fun. I actually welcome a Bill & Ted 3 if it ever comes about (even though I like Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, it’s not one of my favorites).

Deja Vu(Via ~Lore)
5. Deja Vu – This movie sort of snuck up on me like Time Crimes. I watched it, but really had no idea what it was about. And I hate to put this here, because it spoils a small part of the plot you don’t actually know at first. However, this is a very solid time travel movie and I highly recommend it.

Star Trek (2009)(Via grnknight)
4. Star Trek (2009) – I know this movie gets a lot of s**t for continuity. CT isn’t a fan of this movie because of that. However, being a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the DC Universe, you come to realize that while continuity is great, you can’t really rely on the creative people to protect it. The overseers of the continuity care less about it than the fans of the property. Are there problems with the timeline of this movie as it pertains to the original Trek? Yes, of course there are. But I love the hell out of this movie anyway. I DON’T CARE IF SPOCK PRIME AND KIRK MEETING ON THE FROZEN PLANET AND THEN ALSO MEETING SCOTTY ON SAME PLANET IS A HUGE IMPROBABLE COINCIDENCE (which, when I write that down, really sounds stupid).  They tried to tie it in and I appreciate that.  They did about as good a job as the original movies did. Screw nit picking, this movie is bad ass. It gets the characters right. It gets the feeling of the universe right. The end result works and I highly look forward to Star Trek 2 (which hopefully won’t feature time travel).  For me, the biggest offense this movie made was to make Tyler Perry head of Starfleet.

ST 4
3. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Probably the most mainstream, comedic movie of the original series. Maybe even the entire movie series (excluding the reboot).  The original crew utilizes the slingshot maneuver around the sun to go back to 1986 to save some humpback whales so they can return with them to the future to talk to an alien space probe that is about to destroy Earth.  If it sounds completely ridiculous, well, it is, but this movie is not only fun it’s incredibly funny. And that’s why it makes it in here at #3.

T2(Via evpl)
2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (T1) – This is my favorite Terminator movie. I enjoy the first one, I don’t really ever think about the third one…or the fourth one really. I’ll include the first Terminator here too, but I’m really talking about T2. Such a great movie. What else is there to say. And it still holds up.

BTTF 2 and 3
1. Back to the Future (BTTF 2/3) – And this should come as no surprise to anyone that has read this blog for 5 minutes. Like T2, I’m really talking about the first movie, but I’m going to peripherally include the entire series.

Honorable mentions:

Hot Tub Time Machine – I love everything about this movie. It’s silly and fun and crazy. And kinda dumb. But it’s supposed to be.
Time Bandits – I honestly go back and forth on this movie. Some days I love it, some days I don’t.
Freejack – I saw this in the theater and I’ve loved it ever since. It probably has something to do with my man crush on Emilio Estevez. And I realize the movie is not great and Mick Jagger is f**king terrible, but I still really enjoy watching this movie.
Forbidden Kingdom – First team up with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The lead kid isn’t my favorite, but this is a really fun and visually awesome movie.

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  1. Great list pax! I liked seeing Deja Vu up there–Denzel Washington makes everything better.
    Do you consider the original Planet of the Apes as a time travel movie? it’s not like they’re bouncing back and forth in time, but the “shocking twist” revealed at the end is a result of their leaping ahead a few light years in outer space.

    • I would definitely count Apes as time travel, and I’d certainly replace it with about 7 of these movies. Also I’d even include the remake of The Time Machine with Guy Pearce. Sure, it goes off the tracks a bit in the end, but the time travel element was pretty awesome.

      • Escape From The Planet of The Apes is the real time travel film in that series. Of course I’d never put it in a top ten list though.

  2. You know what, Brian, I honestly would consider Planet of the Apes a time travel movie, however, to be honest, and I’m ashamed to say this, I haven’t seen the movie all the way through. I’ve seen the first 20 minutes and some of the end, but that’s it. And I’ve never seen any of the sequels. So, I didn’t include it.

    I’ve tried to watch it for years, but my wife has no interest in watching it and fitting in time to watch it has been tough. I had it on my DVR for like 6 months before I finally deleted it.

    So, I feel like you now when you admitted you hadn’t watched Star Trek.

    • Cue sad trombone. I think a lot of people just can’t get by the “that’s a man in a monkey suit” and miss out on some great movies. My wife is the same way, which is why I have my own cave for viewing all the monkey movies I can cram into a weekend. (She doesn’t even like Clyde! Who is this woman?!)

  3. Oh! Definitely Back to the Future, for me the trilogy does it.

  4. I still remember fondly the day my 7th grade history teacher had enough of us and whipped out Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Best two days of class I ever had!

    • That sounds amazing. I wish I had that teacher. When our history teacher was sick of us she usually put on Gone With the Wind. Which, I love that movie, but I’d rather have watched Bill & Ted.

  5. Back To The Future is one of the best movies in whatever category!

  6. I was really hoping to see 12 Monkeys, but otherwise nice list

    • I definitely considered 12 Monkeys, but honestly, it’s not one of my favorites. I liked it, but I liked these other movies better.

  7. 12 Monkeys has always been one of my favorite time travel movies. Too many movies like to mix different time travel theories that obviously don’t work together. As far as I can tell, 12 Monkeys sticks to one the entire time. Donnie Darko is another amazing one. Though I guess it isn’t completely related to time travel.

    Time Crimes sounds interesting. I have not seen that one, but I will definitely check it out.

  8. Hey, where’s Donnie Darko? That film may be complicated, but it does involve time travel! And what about the Time Machine?

  9. Yeah, I knew these questions were going to come up.

    I listed MY favorite top 10, not the definitive top 10. Unfortunately, I don’t particularly like Donnie Darko. It’s obtuse and confusing without really the need to be. And which Time Machine did you mean? The 1960s George Pal one is not great, and the Guy Pearce one is good for about the first 2/3, but then completely falls apart.

    • I think Donnie Darko was great.. by itself.. there’s a sequel called S. Darko about his sister, but if that’s how you felt about the first one, definitely don’t watch it. As for Time Machine.. the 1960’s one is awesome and so much better than the new one.

  10. I recommend “Frequently Asked Question About Time Travel”. The only movie to take the subject REALLY seriously!


  12. midlifemeg Says:

    Great list! I am checking out the league lists, too, and loving them all. I am jealous of the League for having a cool league.

  13. hola que, I don´t feel like

  14. teensurge Says:

    Its nyc to see read something from with a real understanding of film.. Awsome post!!! Would love to read more!!

  15. Groundhog Day. Love that film. Lost count of how many times watched. Downloaded on itunes earlier this week

  16. you’ve got to love Bill and Ted … and I am a big Arni fan, after all he always comes back

  17. wow wow wow…………

  18. Don’t forget Primer! Very cool and realistic depiction on how I’d think Time Travel would be discovered… Completely on Accident.

    • That movie still blows my mind…. even after reading all the websites dedicated to breaking down that timeline.

      • Oh man, I STILL can’t follow all of the timelines and I’ve spent way too much free time reading up on that movie… But still, “What If It Works?” Great Tagline!

      • Ditto. In fact, most of the breakdowns made it more confusing – for me, at any rate.

    • Yep, glad you (and several others brought it up). Primer and 12 Monkeys are two of my favorite movies of all time, and they both feature time travel. Since Paxton didn’t like either of them, they didn’t make the list, but they did get us thinking about our own favorites. That’s what makes an excellent blog post! Thanks, Pax!

    • Yes! Primer is one of my favourites.
      Another one I love that’s an anime is called The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. If you like anime and time travel, you’ll adore it.

  19. great list. I would have had ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ , ’28 Days Later’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (that was a long film) in there.

  20. Good stuff, I’m definitely going to check some of these out. Oh and I can’t believe anyone else has heard of Time Bandits.. I love that movie.. everyday! I loved it when I first saw it as a kid, and even more when I watched it again as an adult. It’s totally whacky, funny, and has a really cool premise.. and having Sean Connery and John Cleese is a plus too. I would recommend it to everyone!

    • Time Bandits is so typically Gilliam. Glorious in it’s weirdness, but I did find Gilliams silliness a wee bit over the top on that one.

      Not a bad one though. But 12 Monkeys is way better from Gilliam concerning time travel.

  21. Great post, and congrats on being freshly pressed.

  22. Not a fan of Back to the Future, think I’m the only one.
    Steven Wade, Edinburgh and Dundee.

  23. I let myself scroll through the list one at a time, and at each movie I would say, “yep, that’s right”. Great list!!

  24. Great topic and list. I’m a huge sucker for time travel stories (inevitable plot holes be damned), so this was a fun read. Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  25. As soon as I read the title on FP I thought “Back to the Future must be on that list!” Congrats on FP 🙂

  26. Great List, But hears mine in no certain order. 1. Ground Day 2. Time after Time. 3. Time Machine (1960s version) 3. Donnie Darko 4. Devils Advocate 5. Time Cop 6. Prince of Persia Sands of Time. 7. Flight of the Naviagtor by Disney 8. Army of Darkness 9. 13 going on 30. 10. Star Trek most recent….there ya go….what do you think of that list?

  27. Oh yeah and ButterFly Effect..only movie I actually liked Ashton Kutcher in.

  28. This may or may not be up your alley, but it is a time travel movie and personally it’s one of my favorites. Primer. It’s a little dry, but it’s short. And its brevity is a good thing, because it WILL require multiple viewings. This is the only movie that I would ever claim needs to be seen more than once.

    • YES!! I was just lurking through the comments to see if anyone had mentioned Primer yet because I was going to. I think that it may be THE most realistic time travel movie ever.

      • Yes! I am another lurker looking to see if Primer had come up – CofA if you are a time travel movie aficionado you MUST have an opinion on this movie – what do you think? I have seen it three times now and will go back for more (as soon as I find a fourth person up for it!). It’s such an achievement, I wonder if the guy has done anything else…

  29. It’s great to find someone else who has seen Timecrimes.

  30. I agree with your first and second-placed selections, but I personally find Groundhog Day one of the most nauseating films ever made.

    Thank you for sharing this list with us and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • I totally agree. Love the list but, Groundhog Day irritates the crap out of me. I can’t stand watching him live that same day over and over and….
      I do however love Hot Tub Time Machine. Lol Loogle:)

  31. P.S – have you ever seen William Devane starring in the low-budget Time Stalkers? Fab stuff. And Cheryl Ladd in Millenium? What about Kirk douglas in The Final Countdown. and there’s always The Philadelphia Experiment. Time travel: Can’t get enough of it.

  32. Herbert Says:

    No ‘Somewhere In Time?’ Now THAT was a great movie!

    • My favorite! Thanks for mentioning it.

    • Common Sense Says:

      Somewhere in time should be #1 on this or any other list dealing with time travel movies. Before anyone demands my man card, let me explain:

      Yes, it is a sappy, romantic chick flick. HOWEVER, it’s a chick flick with serious brain food for time travel afficionados or any guy with a brain, really. That makes it a perfect movie to watch with your honey. You rack up major good husband/boyfriend points and you don’t want to stab yourself in the neck with a pen while you earn them.

      It happens to be the ONLY movie I know of that actually deals with all the implications of time travel. Chiefly, what it gets right that all the others get wrong is that when time travel occurs, then the evidence of it already exists in the future, because… well… it already happened, right? So you get these delicious questions and paradoxes, like:
      -Where did the watch come from? He gave it to her in the past and she gave it to him in the future. Perhaps a better question is: Where did the watch go?
      -How did she know that he time travelled to meet her? This is left unanswered by the film, but they leave you the clue to figure it out, if you are curious. The answer is Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Rachmaninoff was a contemporary of 1912 and had achieved widespread popularity with his 2nd Piano Concerto, but he did not compose the Rhapsody until the 1930s. When Richard hummed the tune on the rowboat and identified the composer as Rachmaninoff, he planted the seed of her later realization. She knew the composer, but not the piece. How cool is that?

      This movie is full of little nuggets like that. Serious attention to detail in this film. Guys, remember when she made you watch The Lake House and you wanted to kill yourself because you couldn’t take the melodrama, rank inconsistencies, and gaping plot holses? This movie is the cure.

  33. I totally agree with Back to the Future coming in first place. 🙂 I need to see more of those other movies, I’m actually only familiar with a couple of them.

  34. I have to agree with those who have chimed in about Primer. After my first viewing, I immediately re-watched it with director’s commentary. Can’t say that about any other movie I’ve seen!

  35. Cult Classic “Time Machine” H.G. Wells…everything after that is meaningless…

  36. Haha, fun idea! I love time-travel in Harry Potter…who doesn’t?! Thanks for sharing!

    Courtney Hosny

  37. Love the list. I also very much liked Millennium and Timeline.

  38. You forgot to include John Wayne in the Photo of Badasses!

  39. ST IV: Voyage Home would make my list any day, just for “Wessels! Nuclear wessels!”

  40. TIMECOP didn’t make the list?!? So sad :o(

  41. Yay, Galaxy Quest in a top ten list! Weaver is funny as sh*t in this one. Nice list:)

  42. Totally loved Star Trek! And I have to admit, I think that’s the only movie I saw on this list — sorry!

  43. Nice list, though I would have loved to see 12 Monkeys included!

  44. The 4th Star Trek is my favorite of the movies!! Good choices…at least the ones I’ve seen are. 😉

  45. An animation, but worth watching. “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” =)

  46. I love HP:Prisoner of Azkaban but I’d definitely pick T2:Judgement Day to be put on the top of my list. I was in love with John Connor back then. 😀

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  47. This is not bad ass but “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol” are two of my favorites. I’m looking for something meaningful, like “Groundhog Day.” You really want Bill to end up with Andie, no matter how many Groundhog Days it will take.

  48. oooh, some big ones missing for me. Somewhere in Time, In Time, Time Travelers Wife just to name a few.

  49. What about 12 Monkeys?

  50. ICAtransparencies Says:

    Butterfly effect should be in this list as well! How ironic, I posted a blogpost regarding my top 5 must see movies in 2012.

  51. If I can timetravel I’ll definitely want to see if me and my girlfriend will last till the end..

  52. Hahahaha Interesting movies 🙂

  53. Over Cup Of Coffee Says:

    So u gave me an idea what to watch this weekend…..Back to future….:)

  54. You didn’t put in Timecop? Hahaha it’s not a great film, but it’s more of a “time-travel” movie than Deja-Vu, Harry Potter and Galaxy Quest.

  55. You missed two of my favorites, but they fall into the “sap” category. “Somewhere In Time” with Christopher Reeve and “Time After Time” where Malcom McDowell as HG Wells travels to 1980’s San Francisco to try and capture Jack the Ripper.

    • Thank you for mentioning “Time After Time,” a personal favorite of mine. Besides Malcom McDowell you’ve got David Warner and Mary Steenburgen, with direction by Nicholas Meyer, who also directed Star Trek IV (on the above list) as well as the classic Wrath of Khan.

  56. Great list. Frequency is pretty damn good too.

  57. I see you like adventure moovies.
    Although there are moovies that are also cool 🙂

  58. taraleshdude Says:

    There’s one, whose greatness all us Italians acknowledge (“Non ci resta che piangere” with M. Troisi – known to the wider public for “The postman” – and R. Benigni – “Life is beautiful”). About two contemporary lovely idiots sent back to Rinassance time with no previous notice ..
    Back to the future 1 just absolutely on top of everything, Doc my hero (I also have a friend that used to resamble him ..).
    Maybe “Inception” also in the list, had I understood that I could tell ..

  59. Hahahaha Interesting movies

  60. Nice list, really nice, though the movie IN TIME with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfield would have made the list, i love that movie…

    • mackaroto Says:

      There is absolutely ZERO time travel in In Time.

      • Not to be a smart ass…but we could say every movie ever made in space has had time travel in it….all the characters typically start from one time and end up another at the end of the movie different from other beings on other planets or out in space traveling at different speeds…As a matter of fact I am traveling through time right now and If I run really really fast – I am slowing down time around me just ever so., If I leave earth away from this high mass there is less gravity so time speeds up around me. Depending on the mass your next to and the speed your going your constantly either slowing down or speeding up in time..this could add up .007 seconds (like astronauts in the ISS ) to eons (like the core of black hole) regardin the difference between two points in space…and you can swap those values depending on perspective….yeah I’m a being smart ass

  61. I have not yet seen a few of them but I sure will now

  62. The Time Traveler’s Wife is beautiful too. 🙂

  63. Very much enjoyed reading this – there were a lot of films in there that I’ve seen and a couple that I hadn’t. I’d question the inclusion of ‘Star Trek’ (2009) as necessarily a ‘time travel’ story.. I’d say that ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ (1996) is a much better example of the time-travelling adventures of that show.

  64. The current “Men in Black 3” is my vote for favourite time travel movie where Agent J (Will Smith) travels to the 60’s to save a young Agent K ‘s life and save the Earth from invasion by killing Boris the Animal. Very plausible plot line for SciFi, funny, action, likeable characters (even the bad guys)…has it all

    • I agree! Time travel, Andy Warhol, Probabilities and going back in time to undo your mistakes – Men in Black 3 has got to be my top 10 time travel movies!

  65. Great list!

    I’d throw in Donnie Darko (is it really time travel; you decide…), BTTF2 (hoverboards! flying cars!), the first Terminator, Sliding Doors (more parallel dimensions than time travel, I suppose), and of course Flight of the Navigator for an expected use of time travel to make an otherwise simplistic story much more interesting and engaging.

  66. Back to the future is like THE best movie!

  67. Su=quib06 Says:

    What about the 1960’s Doctor Who cinema movies? Plenty of time travel there

  68. stealthcomputer Says:

    Terrible list, there are other better movies that could have been on there then ones you have mentioned, go and watch 12 Monkeys, Timecop, The Philadelphia Experiment, ButterFly Effect, The Time Machine (1960), Terminator 1 (better example than #2), there’s even Austin Powers that would qualify I guess.

    • There are lots of movies that qualify. But this is my list and these are the movies I like best.

      I don’t like 12 Monkeys. I think all of these movies are better. Have you watched Time Cop recently? It’s terrible. I think T2 is better than T1. The 1960 Time Machine is okay, but not great. Same with Philadelphia Experiment and Butterfly Effect.

      And I knew people would mention Primer, but it’s not one of my favorite movies. I agree, it’s a very realistic depiction of time travel, but I just didn’t enjoy the movie. I’m surprised no one has mention The Jacket starring Adrian Brody. Probably because it’s not good.

  69. Time travel is only possible in the B theory of time – did yo know that? … for more info – check here:

  70. Thanks for your list! It has some great films.

    Have you seen Lunopolis? It’s mockumentary style adds a fun element to it. One of my favorites.

    Also I’d have to throw in MIB3. We watched it a few days ago and I thought that part of it was very well done.

    Glad you got Time Bandits as an honorable mention. That’s one I’ve seen at least 30 times, I just can’t get enough.

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  72. Deja Vu
    Time Traveller’s Wife
    12 MONKEYS!!!!
    Midnight in Paris

  73. awesome list. back to the future tops my list too.

  74. I see that “Somewhere in Time” (I just threw up a little in my mouth) and “Peggy Sue Got Married” did not make your list. You may keep your man card!

  75. I love that you included Groundhog Day…makes your list seem very un-bias. Thanks for sharing. You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  76. Nice you have a very good sense of your movies. I love people that do stuff like this. Great job on getting it freshly pressed. Wonderful:)

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    Chalk art festival!? C’mooon!

  78. Groundhog Day is timeless! Who doesn’t love Bill Murray. And of course Back to the Future. My kids are going to watch it and like it… Even when the future in the 2nd movie will be in the past by the time they see it….

  79. Ah, you’ve got to love Time Bandits! 🙂

  80. Cool list 🙂 I’m happy to say I’ve seen 4 of those, and also saw 1 of the honorable mentions (Forbidden Kingdom) It’s always glad to see Time Travel in a film. My personal favorite film with time travel would be Yugioh 3D Bonds Beyond Time 🙂 My favorite on the list is definitely the Star Trek 2009 film, already seen it 3 times and will be seeing it again in the future

  81. There are only a couple of these that I haven’t seen (Time Bandits and De Ja Vu). The rest are simply awesome! 🙂

  82. Mormon Soprano Says: missed my very fave! “Somewhere in Time” -starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Classic time travel/romance.
    Congrats on being Fresh Pressed 🙂 – MoSop

  83. My fave is a tossup between Hottub Time Machine and Galaxy Quest.

  84. Bill & Ted was a great movie xD

  85. I love time travel movies! Stark Trek & Groundhog Day are my favourites!

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    I’ve seen 3.5 movies on this list

  87. hg wells, “The Time Machine”… ultimate classic movie, and what about the “Planet of the Apes” the original…

  88. sportangeln Says:

    Reblogged this on Sportangeln's Blog.

  89. A DeLorean Time Travelling Machine tops it any day…

  90. Nice list. What were your thoughts on Triangle? I thought it was surprisingly effective, but not quite as good as I had heard.

  91. Jameson Says:

    One of my personal favorites is Frequency. A non-traditional take on the influence we can have by changing the past.

  92. Tiffanylynn Says:

    Somewhere in Time… romantic and classic

  93. I always thought of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich as time travel films. What do you think?

  94. Galaxy Quest is a stupid movie but I love it. I use to have it on tape haha. Sometimes I feel like my life in a Ground Hogs Day… guess Im not learning my lesson. Good blog.

  95. thanks for ranking back to the future as no.1, i grew up with it.. i also like THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE which is a romantic drama movie

  96. Somewhere in Time….not sci-fi or techy of any sort, but my favorite.

  97. Have you seen Frequency (2000) with Dennis Quaid? That’s pretty good.

  98. This skips a lot of good time travel themed movies, but okay.

  99. Nice

  100. I have to say I didn´t really like Groundhog Day first time round. But, there definitely was something to it! 🙂

  101. I really do not think the 2009 Star Trek movie, much though it tries, even really captures the feel of what went before. (Especially not with product placement! You know, post-scarcity, possibly post-capitalist society…) And yes, it is very silly and too many coincidences.

    If you want a Star Trek movie that does time travel, I’d have picked Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (a.k.a. “the one with the whales”), in which we are made able to have a good laugh at the crew trying to get to grips with 1980s San Francisco.

  102. you missed “Time machine”. itz a cool movie.

  103. jammingcues Says:

    Did you see Primer? Totally confusing, but worth checking out. Great piece of indie sci fi

  104. Groundhog Day for me at number one

  105. I love Groundhog Day, and the Back to the Future series (we even found the car parked in our neighborhood not too long ago – I pulled an illegal U-turn to see it)! For the chicks out there, a great time-travel movie is Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow! LOVE IT!
    Great idea to classify them by theme! So fun!

  106. rjrodriguez18 Says:

    The Time Machine is good also. It was based on a classical book.

  107. Tom Sterling Says:

    If you simply did away with your list and put together the movies not on your list that were posted in the comments section you would have a much, much, better list.

  108. Groundhog day is great, probably my favourite from the list. The Time Traveller’s Wife is a great time travel film too 🙂

  109. daiwalker Says:

    Back to the future easily number 1 but also full of inconsistencies. I’ll just mention one.
    Ok Marty played a big part in George and Lorraines life right? Lets all agree that they would never forget him. Lorraine almost kissed him, Marty helped George get the girl and punch out Biff!
    So surely when Marty was born and grew up would’nt they think our son looks just like the Marty we knew back in school and then freak out!! Yet this is never mentioned Lorraine and George seem to have amnesia!!

  110. Cliff Robertson (I think) in HG Wells’s The Time Machine should have made the Top 10 in anyone’s list. Probelm may be that it’s not available to the younger crowd.

  111. SandySays1 Says:

    Another add from the ancient – Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

  112. The original Terminator trumps the sequel in every aspect.

  113. I was going to be highly disappointed if “Back to the Future” was not number 1… you just reassured my faith in humanity. Thank you.

  114. you forgot ‘twelve monkeys’

  115. My favorite time travel movies include:

    1. “BACK TO THE FUTURE” Trilogy





    6. “FREQUENCY”

    7. “TIMECOP”

    8. “DEJA VU”



  116. Wikipedia list some 200 movies featuring time travel. most fun and confusing, entertaining etc., My choice is a Terry Gilliam film – the Time Bandits

  117. Congrats on being Pressed! I liked Dejavu a lot too. Gonna see if I can find Timecrimes on NetFlix today :-).

  118. What about The Time Machine??

  119. Recovering Wayward Says:

    You left out a good one – “The Love Letter” (1999). Campbell Scott and Jennifer-Jason Leigh

  120. Una gran lista para disfrutar de unas películas inolvidables.

  121. Has anyone seen the new Men in Black III. I like the time travel element there and the three-D was awesome.

  122. love hot-tub time machine!

  123. man – HOW I wish time travel was possible.

  124. Galaxy Quest and Groundhog Day are two of the funniest movies ever made and would fit on a bunch of other top ten lists. This list reminds us that we haven’t seen Back to the Future in many years. Time to get the old DVDs out and blow off the dust.

  125. Great list. I haven’t seen Timecrimes so Im checking it out right now. I like the suggestions made in the comments too.

  126. I know it wasn’t really time travel, but Clockstoppers was OK.

  127. I’m also a sucker for time travel movies, and am always on the lookout for one I haven’t seen. I’ve seen all the ones mentioned above except for “Primer” (which I hadn’t heard of) and the new Men in Black III.

    One to add: The Lake House.

  128. Galaxy Quest is definitely one of my all time favorite time travel movies and so it Terminator 2! Great list!

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  131. harley davidson Says:

    what was that?

  132. Back to the future is the best 😀

  133. Sorry have you ever done anything on comic book time-travel etc?

  134. Paul Lowder Says:

    I didn’t read the long list of comments, so I’m probably mentioning titles already mentioned by someone else but:

    Donnie Darko
    Twelve Monkeys
    Source Code
    Howl’s Moving Castle (there’s that one, short moment of nearly insignificant “time-travel” near the end, but this movie kicks ass regardless)

    A film called “Looper” comes out this year, but looks sick. You all should check out the trailer. It features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. And it’s written and directed by the man who brought us Brothers Bloom and Brick.

  135. I would say, pretty good list. Not going to lie. There are a few that I haven’t seen (mainly just Time Crimes and *coughStarTrek IknowIamalosercough*) but I have seen most and I have to agree. (I have to admit though, BTTF3 is my favorite of that series…)

  136. I’m so glad people are reading and talking about this list. I’ve had fun reading other people’s favorite time travel movies.

    FYI, just because it’s not on my list, doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. It also doesn’t mean I “forgot” it.

    I hear several cries for Primer. I saw Primer. I liked Primer. But I liked the 10 movies I listed BETTER. Same with 12 Monkeys.

    I actually considered Time after Time, Somewhere in Time and Source Code, but they didn’t make the list. But I liked those movies as well.

    I still haven’t seen MIBIII. I also have yet to watch Howl’s Moving Castle, but it is definitely on my list.

    Thanks for all the comments, guys!

  137. yes……really this id top ten film i ever had seen…….

  138. Did you like “Primer?”

  139. has no one mentioned “the time travelers wife”?… pssshh whatever, haters.

  140. You left out ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ (

  141. lol i watched that harry potter movie in which harry always thought that his father saved his life and afterward he find he saved himself

  142. Cool list! Time Travelling isn’t easy, but it happens….

  143. I second (or fifth) other mentions of 12 Monkeys, Primer and Source Code. I do love the time travel film. Glad to see you recognize ‘Timecrimes.’ You might be interested to read an interview I did with the director:

    • I second (or fifth) other mentions of 12 Monkeys, Primer and Source Code. I do love the time travel film. Glad to see you recognize ‘Timecrimes.’ You might be interested to read an interview I did with the ” see this is interesting :me too

  144. I wanted to see just how many of your top ten that I had seen and I came up with seven of your ten. Good choices!

  145. Great list! I was particularly pleased with the Bill & Ted shout out!

  146. and if it’s drama, gonna choose LOST as my fac time travel serie 🙂

  147. What about “Time Machine”? Top 11 ? :-)) I enjoyed this…

  148. Good list

  149. Some that leap to mind that weren’t on your list: Somewhere in Time (Christopher Reeve!); Time Cop (the Muscles from Brussels, ugh); The One (or is that just alternative universes?); Time After Time (H.G. Wells tracks Jack the Ripper!)

  150. The Butterfly Effect is a good one too. Nice post. 🙂

  151. Planet of the Apes?

  152. happygoluckygal Says:

    nice post..!!!

  153. So I totally fipped through the comments so I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it but what about “frequently asked questions about time travel.” Or maybe I was the only one who liked it. That movie should get props for being the best time travel movie with virtually no special effects. BTW I love your list and I’ve seen everything but “Timecrimes,” I’ll look for that.

  154. Good list. I would probably replace Galaxy Quest with Time Cop. Just my opinion though.

  155. Nice post.
    i like it to 🙂

  156. Really love the blog. It’s adorable!

  157. I think after this long discussion you should redo the top 10

  158. You know, usually I say I don’t like time travel, but I’ve really enjoyed a few of the moview you mentioned – 9, 7, and of course #1.

  159. Back to the Future is a classic!

  160. Great list! back to the future! heck yes

  161. insanelyromantic Says:

    I am obsessed only one movie, it’s been years.I still can’t forget that movie.

  162. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing those useful information’s in all categories

  163. Got exited when I saw Groundhog Day. I used to LOVE to watch that movie.

  164. I know I’m way behind on this, and I’m not gonna read through them all, but wanted to ad one. There’s a great 80’s time travel movie called “The Final Countdown” with Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen. It’s about a modern day US aircraft carrier that gets transported back to just before Pearl Harbor.

  165. Now I’m in trouble. Going to get my nerd card revoked. Forgot to mention the two 60s Doctor Who movies that starred Peter Cucshing. Little cheesy and somewhat removed from the tv show, but good. And my wife scolded me for not not mentioning one of my favorite Star Trek movies, “First Contact.”

  166. Great. I like your blog

  167. The Perfectly Imperfect One Says:

    Dejavu is one of my favorite time travel movies!

  168. Great List!! Star Trek is one of my favorites. cheers

  169. great list! I think Triangle should be in there too. Not exactly time travel though, it’s kind of like a time loop (Um, sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone…..TT__TT)

  170. Reblogged this on 42 Webs.

  171. it’s a wonderful article, please continue post the interesting writing! thank you.

  172. Movie Nut Says:

    Donnie Darko should be on here! 🙂

  173. I must admit it ranks up there among one of the most unique blog ideas I have ever seen.

  174. Great job on the blog, it looks great. I am going to bookmark it and will make sure to check back weekly!

  175. mackaroto Says:

    Just thought of a different one… Scott Pilgrim. Technically he’s using an extra life but its JUST like time travel.

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