Nerd Lunch Episode 40: Drill Down: Saved by the Bell

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Feast your ear-balls on Episode 40 of the Nerd Lunch podcast.  For this very special episode, it doesn’t get any nerdier than us discussing the intricate continuity of the show that was High School Musical before High School Musical.  Yes, this week the nerds discuss Saved by the Bell.

Saved by the Bell board game
(Via kaydi-did)

Just an FYI, I decided to “bow out” of this episode because it was time for me to take a small break on a week when we discuss a subject I’m not intricately versed in.  I was a fan of the show, I’m just not really a SBTB enthusiast.  Plus it was nice to follow CT and Jeeg’s lead and take a week off.

In my place this week are special guests Aaron Nix and Jay from  They are more than capable of holding down the fort while I partake in my little nerdy sojourn.  So give this episode a listen.  I know I will, and it’ll be the first time I’ve heard a Nerd Lunch episode cold in 39 episodes.  It’s strange not knowing what is going to happen.

Download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner. And yes, we are still on the Zune Marketplace.


5 Responses to “Nerd Lunch Episode 40: Drill Down: Saved by the Bell”

  1. We missed having you on, Pax. It was weird without you both when I was recording and when I was editing.

  2. I can totally understand, when doing the Branded podcast I needed a break every week, whcih of course led to me pretty much ending it. Again, it speaks to the yearly hiatuses I take during winter too. People need to take breaks from the stuff they do to keep the fire stoked…

  3. Thanks, Shawn.

    Yeah, I was on the GI Joe episode plus the Atomic Geeks supplemental Cabin in the Woods podcast the week before. CT and Jeeg had already taken episodes off. It just felt like my turn on a subject I like, but am not just infatuated with.

    Plus, we recorded last night our new episode and I came back refreshed and recharged. It was a good week off.

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