This month the Cavalcade turns 10 years old

Happy 10th anniversay to…well, myself.


That’s right, 10 years ago this month, March 2006, I began The Cavalcade of Awesome. Check out the spiffy new 10 Years badge! You can give a shout to CT for that design. Tell him he did a great job. I love it.

So, 10 years. Here’s a link to that very first inauspicious article.

Actually, my blog wasn’t originally titled The Cavalcade of Awesome, the original title was What I’m Thinking.  Here’s that original blog header.


And shortly after I changed the title to Cavalcade of Awesome.

Here’s another early blog banner design. I used this one for a LONG time.  It’s based on Gmail’s “ninja theme”.


Lots of cool, crazy stuff has happened to me on this blog. I’ve met so many cool friends.  Let’s talk about a few of the highlights.

I started AWESOME-tober-fest back in 2007.  No themes, no fancy images.  Just the below blog header and me talking about Halloween candy I hate and Halloween costumes I wore throughout the years.


I had a blog crossover with Branded in the 80s where we talked Unofficial Movie Trilogies.  Shawn would eventually become an Internet BFF and we’d meet IRL and start the Cult Film Club Podcast with Jaime Hood.

In Sept 2008 my blog was linked to by TIME for an article they were doing about 50 Authentic American Experiences.  They linked to my McDonalds Sandwich Hall of Fame article where I discussed the Hula Burger.  Which led to me designing this:

Time Magazine cover

I had an historic crossover with the Nerd Lunch blog in Summer 2011 where CT and I visited the Tallahassee Auto Museum together.  It took a three part article to show you all the awesome things we saw.  I even talked about us eating the KFC Double Down in those articles.

CT and I at auto museum

Unbeknownst to me, that Summer meeting was essentially an “interview”.  It would eventually lead to CT and Jeeg asking me to join them for the Nerd Lunch Podcast in September 2011.

Nerd Lunch iTunes

Look at that iTunes page from 2011! There’s only 1 episode!

Those are just some of the cool and awesome things that happened to me over my 10 years.  I really am grateful for all the friends and fun I’ve had because of this blog.  I hope to keep it going for a while longer.  Another 10 years longer?  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I’m pretty lazy.  If nothing else, the blog will be up, just not updated, for the 20th anniversary.

Also check out my new 10th anniversary blog headers!


5 Responses to “This month the Cavalcade turns 10 years old”

  1. Congrats, Pax! Here’s to the next 10!

  2. Congrats on an awesome decade!

  3. LBD "Nytetrayn" Says:

    Congratulations on ten years! Here’s to many more! =)

  4. 10 years, that’s amazing! Congratulations!

  5. Certainly an impressive feat! Cheers!

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