More Young Guns vintage trading cards!

A month or so ago Shawn Robare and I unveiled our custom set of vintage Young Guns trading cards. I showed you the even numbered cards in the set (Billy, Dick, Charlie, Tunstall, etc) and Shawn showed the odd numbered cards (Doc, Chavez, Dirty Steve, Murphy, etc). Also, if you guys were paying attention, we both revealed some variant/chase cards over on Cult Film Club which featured alternate image cards as well as custom book covers for the movie novelizations Shawn and I so wish existed.  Click the cover below to see these alternate card images plus see the other Young Guns novelization cover.

YG2 novelization

As such huge fans of the Young Guns movies, Shawn and I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I mean, if we do an entire custom made vintage set of trading cards for the first Young Guns movie and then can’t do one for the sequel, then what are Shawn and I doing here?  Not our jobs, I’ll tell you that much.

So, we dug in and made a second set of cards for the sequel and now it’s time to see those cards.  Like last time, I’m going to show you half the set here.  If you want to complete the full set of Young Guns II cards, hop on over to Branded in the 80s and see Shawn reveal the second half of the set.

First off, lets check out the wax paper wrappers.  Here’s the main wrapper with Billy.

YG2 wax wrapper

And as is sometimes done, we made a variant wax wrapper for the set featuring Pat.  Shawn even has a rare third wrapper variant over in his article featuring Arkansas Dave.  Check it out.

YG2 wax wrapper 2

Now, let’s take a look at the odd numbered cards in this set. Like I said, jump on over to Branded in the 80s to see the even numbered cards in the set. You can click any of these images to see them BIGGER on Flickr.






The next two cards have variant images.


Jane Greathouse is a great character and I thought she needed a variant card for her most famous scene from the movie.

YG2 32b Jane


Like Tom Cruise in the last movie, Jon Bon Jovi gets a small hidden cameo in this movie. The image on this card represents that cameo.  But, I thought he looked more iconic in an image from the Blaze of Glory music video, so that gets a variant card.

YG2 34b Jon Bon Jovi




And that’s the Young Guns II vintage card set. And that should cover pretty much everything Shawn and I created for this Young Guns merch extravaganza. Oh, one more variant card I made.

YG1 Pax as Billy

From Halloween 1989. Me as the Young Guns Billy the Kid. This would be my final dress up for Halloween until I got through high school and college.

So, like I said, to finish out the Young Guns II, set, head on over to Branded in the 80s. Hope you enjoyed this vintage card set as much as Shawn and I enjoyed making them.  And thank you Shawn for letting me join you in creating this awesomeness.


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