Young Guns vintage trading cards are gonna shoot you in the face with AWESOME

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a fan of Back to the Future, retro video gaming and the Young Guns movies. I’ve reviewed the movies on this blog for Billy the Kid Week and I’ve done a double episode of Cult Film Club where I talk about my complete thoughts on the Young Guns movies.

YG1 movie ad

My good friend and CFC co-host, Shawn, is also a huge fan of the Young Guns movies. You can hear him talk all about them on that double CFC episode as well. We also take some time to wax regret that Young Guns wasn’t merchandised as well as it should have been. No toys. No movie novelizations. No photo magazines. NOTHING like that exists for this franchise.

So, Shawn has been busy making custom vintage trading cards for his favorite 80s movies (Adventures in Babysitting and Monster Squad) and they are AWESOME.  He and I started talking and I talked him into joining me and creating a set of vintage trading cards for the Young Guns movies.  BOTH Young Guns movies.

So, let’s start off with the first movie.  Shawn and I made around 20 cards for the first series.  We collaborated on the “look and feel” of the card as well as what characters should be included.  Then we split them up into Odds/Evens and each completed our portion in Photoshop.   It was an awesomely collaborative process that is fun to do with Shawn anyway because we are simpatico about many things, but especially about these movies.

To begin with, I’ll show you half of Series 1 here.  Then jump on over to Branded to complete the full set.

Let’s ride!

Here are the two variant wax wrappers we made for this first series of Young Guns vintage trading cards.

YG1 wax wrapper 1
YG1 wax wrapper 2

Now, let’s take a look at the cards themselves. Like I said, I’m showing you the odd numbers of the set.  Shawn will show all the even numbers.










Click the images to make them BIGGER!  And head over to Branded in the 80s to complete this set of Young Guns trading cards!

Shawn and I also did a second series of this featuring images from Young Guns II.  They will be revealed shortly.  PLUS, we have a few other surprises in store including some chase and variant cards to this set.  So stay tuned.

I’ve had so much fun these last few weeks working with Shawn on this set of cards.  I just wanted to thank him for indulging me and letting me join him in bringing these to life.  So much fun that I’m sad it’s nearly over.  Luckily, I still get to talk to him every month on Cult Film Club.

UPDATE! – 5/18

Want to see more of these? We just released two movie novelization book covers for Young Guns and Young Guns II. Plus, there are some alternate/chase cards on display. Check them out at Cult Film Club.


6 Responses to “Young Guns vintage trading cards are gonna shoot you in the face with AWESOME”

  1. We totally need to figure out how to print a couple sets of these…


    Though you know I’m a fan of Young Guns/Billy the Kid, too.

  3. Retromash Says:

    I love these projects. Totally up my street. Great work guys. Keep them coming!

  4. Can I use your wax wrapper on a t shirt?

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