Current promotions for Star Wars Episode I in 3D

SW Ep 1 in 3D quad

Star Wars Episode I in 3D started on Friday. I plan on seeing it this weekend, so I’m very excited. It reminds me of the innocent times in early 1999 when I was awaiting the initial release of the movie. That pre-Episode I buildup was so much fun. This week, I’m going to take a look at some of the promotional stuff companies like Pepsi and Hasbro did for the first Star Wars movie since 1983.

Today, let’s start with the most recent stuff being used to promote Episode I in 3D.

There have been several posters released for Episode I in 3D. You can see the wide quad poster above. There’s a more traditional vertical version of that quad.  There are also some cool looking character posters that have been released.  Here are three of them (click image to see BIGGER).

SW Ep 1 poster 1 SW Ep 1 poster 2 SW Ep1 poster 3

As you will see, Darth Maul seems to be the character they are focusing on for most for these promotions.   See several more posters at Geeks of Doom.

Pepsi is really being understated about their Episode I in 3D promotion. Currently, they have bottles of Lipton Raspberry Tea with Darth Maul’s face and a blurb about the movie.  Other flavors just have the movie blurb.  Check them out.

Brisk Tea Darth Maul

Darth Maul is also on the large cans of Raspberry Brisk.  These are a lot harder to find.  I’ve only seen the actual cans of Brisk once, but they didn’t have the Maul can.  It looks awesome, though.

Lipton Darth Maul can

This year’s Lipton Maul bottle/can is not the first time Lipton released a Star Wars themed bottle. Back in 1999, Lipton released several Star Wars bottles. All bottles featured either Watto or Obi-Wan.  Here are labels from two of those bottles (which were glass back in 1999).

Lipton Watto bottle
Lipton Obi-wan bottle

Lipton also has an awesome Star Wars themed commercial featuring little caricature versions of Darth Maul and Yoda.

Currently there’s an app you can download called Darth Maul Me. It’s supposed to put Darth Maul’s signature face tattoos onto a picture of you. But the affect is less than awesome.  I have another app called iMut8r that more effectively turns you into a zombie or Frankenstein monster.  This app’s results just look like it Photoshopped a red and black mask over your picture.  It doesn’t really even fit the face.  Very disappointing.  Instead of the whole face, though, you can only do your eyes like Maul’s.  Red and yellow.  That looks suitably creepy.

Darth Maul Me

And, of course, I’ve already talked about Quick’s Dark Vador burger.

Dark Vador burger

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  1. Dear Author, I am looking for someone who can give a lil info on some EP 1 Promo items I have and cant find similar items to cross referance with. Since this Post seems to be the most extensive so maybe you can help me find a Resource. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated…..Life Enjoy Always~Ben

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