Brandon Peat’s Star Wars Alphabet – A is for Ackbar

Our good friend Fitz from the Nerd Lunch Podcast sent me a little gift in the mail.  It’s a small booklet for my son, PJ, featuring the Star Wars Alphabet.  Each letter represents a character from the Star Wars Universe.  It’s pretty awesome. The book was written by Brandon Peat and drawn by Peat’s wife. Check out Brandon Peat’s site to find out how to obtain these.

Here are a few of the letters.

Here is the letter A, which is for Ackbar.

A is for Ackbar

B is for Bossk

A is for Ackbar

Check out Peat’s website to see more of the letters. I may post up some more of them next week.

And thanks Fitz, for the great gift. PJ will love it.


3 Responses to “Brandon Peat’s Star Wars Alphabet – A is for Ackbar”

  1. Ha! Your header! It’s terrible. 🙂 In an awesome way, I guess.

    But really I came to say that this is so you. I bet you love reading the StarWars alaphbet to PJ.

    • Trish, how dare you. My header is AWESOME…in an awesome way. 😉

      The alphabet book is bad ass. Peej loves all the crazy looking drawings of characters and aliens.

  2. I thought you would like it. So, it is good to hear. I like the stance on the Original Trilogy and some EU!! It is really cool art. What a way to teach PJ the alphabet. I would be interested to read your review of this particular book and get your take.

    I think he could another with only Star Wars planets. A is for Alderaan.

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