Nerd Lunch Episode 15: Brilliant but Cancelled

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Our newest podcast is live. Actually, this episode went live yesterday, but apparently we are so damn popular that we broke the Internet.

Check it out:

Nerd Lunch is too damn popular

Pretty awesome, right? That it is.  Our bandwidth should be reset by now and the podcast again ready for download.

Anyway, this week’s episode is called Brilliant but Cancelled. We are again joined by Fitz who previously joined us for Episode 8: Nerd Decor.  We are discussing TV shows we loved that were cancelled too early.  A lot of good TV is mentioned, many of which you can catch on Netflix streaming.  Come join us.

Download it from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner. We are also in the Zune Marketplace.

One Response to “Nerd Lunch Episode 15: Brilliant but Cancelled”

  1. I cannot remember, did we talk about Firefly? BTW, I am honored to be a part of crashing someone’s server.

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