Nerd Lunch Episode #8: Nerdy Decor

Nerd Lunch Podcast

The newest episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast is live.  We are joined in the rotating fourth chair this week by friend of Nerd Lunch, Fitz. This week we are talking about Nerd Decor.

We are each given a fictitious $250 and we are to decorate our inner sanctum with nerdy goodness. Check out the nerdy extravagances we all get up to with this fictitious money.

Download it from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.

A lot of the stuff we talk about this week is very visual in nature.  I wanted to give some notes to the podcast with images so you can see what I’m talking about in the episode.

Here are some of the things I talked about wanting to put in my Nerd Inner Sanctum.

SW SpEd Trilogy Ingot Poster(Via
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition “Ingot” Teaser Poster (1996) – I actually have this poster currently hanging up in my house.

SW Trilogy
Star Wars Trilogy Promotional Poster (1990 VHS release) – I love the combination of the three Star Wars poster art for this. In the middle is the famous Star Wars Style A art by Jung. On the left is the Empire Strikes Back Style A art. On the right is the Return of the Jedi Style B art. It was used on a VHS trilogy set in 1990.

Star Wars Trilogy British Quad(Via
Star Wars Trilogy British Quad (1983) – Expensive, but worth it.

BTTF poster
Back to the Future one sheet (1985) – I have this poster currently.

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi replica lightsaber
Force FX lightsaber
eFX Collectibles Luke Skywalker stunt saber

Flux Capacitor replica(Via
Flux Capacitor replica – There are instructions for building one of these yourself or you can buy it whole.  I’d just buy it whole.

Life-size Han in Carbonite (Sideshow Collectibles) with life-size Boba Fett statue (Don Post)

MAME cabinet(Via
MAME-station arcade machine – Like the Flux Capacitor replica, you can buy these whole, or find plans to build them. Honestly, I’d like to build it, but if money is no object, I’d buy the cabinet whole then piece together the constituent parts myself.

Star Trek Capt Chair
USS Enterprise Captain’s Chair – ’nuff said.  But CT called dibs on this, so I’d have to go with…

ROTJ Emporer throne
Return of the Jedi Emperor’s throne – There is no way this is a comfortable chair, but it’s going behind my desk.  I may even need a life size Imperial Guard to stand behind me.  And if this is going in front of the window, I may need to redo the window to look like the giant Death Star viewport.


5 Responses to “Nerd Lunch Episode #8: Nerdy Decor”

  1. Good call on posting the photos. I might eventually need to do the same over on the Nerd Lunch blog. I did post a picture of the “Pimp Destro” though.

  2. I saw that pick of Pimp Destro and I loved it.

  3. I’d go with the captain’s chair, but is it really comfortable? I mean, Kirk was always leaning in it. I figured he either had hemroids, or the chair was poorly padded.

    • I do not think that either the Capt’s chair or the Emporer’s throne are comfortable. But I will sit in them because they are bad ass. And awesome.

  4. Dang. I love those old vintage video games and posters. Where can you find stuff like that at a decent price? Any idea of old pinball machines in Canada for sale?

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