More fun with my camera phone

I bought my first camera phone back in 2006.  It was the original Motorola Razr V3.  It was pretty cool being able to snap pics of stuff I came across at any given moment.  So, in December of that same year, I wrote an article that  took a look at some of the random photos I had taken with my phone.  One of my blogging/Twitter buddies Trish just posted a very similar article and it got me thinking that I want to do it again.  It has been 4 years.  Plus, I have a much better phone now, the iPhone.

So, I’m going to delve into my cell phone photos and see what randomness I can come up with.  Here we go.

Croc Lobster
I found this odd statue outside a restaurant in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I call it “Croc-Lobster” (get it?…The B-52’s song?…hello?).  I find myself completely fascinated by the idea of a Croc-Lobster.  This needs to be a monster that fights Godzilla.  NOW.

Before the baby, my wife was an elementary school teacher. So she had these alphabet letter cards up on the walls of her classroom. I took pics of the letters P, A and X (because it’s my name, duh) and texted them to my brother.  It looks silly now that I’m looking at it but that’s the stuff my brother and I text to each other.

Knight Industries truck
I got so excited when I saw this truck. I have to wonder if a black Firebird named KITT was inside as this is very similar to the truck that transports that awesome car in the show Knight Rider.  Even the logo is similar.

Went to Charleston, SC a few years ago with some friends. In the middle of the night, drunk and hungry, we wound up in a small Mexican restaurant in the middle of downtown.  Featured on the menu was this unbelievable site, The Margarona.  A frozen margarita served with a full bottle of Corona turned upside down into it.  It never even occurred to me to try something like this.  My mind can now be considered BLOWN.  For some reason, they wouldn’t serve it at 2am, which seems to me to be the only time someone would order it.

Love Lobsters
I love the idea of love lobsters. It’s like that episode of Friends where Phoebe says Ross is Rachel’s lobster. I found these in my local Walgreens on Feb 1, 2007. So, I guess by “last chance” they mean sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Moon River Ninjas
Moon River Pizza is one of my favorite pizza places, not only in Jacksonville but anywhere. This was an ad for the place many years ago. I thought it was hilarious.  It was hanging on the soda fountain. They’ve since removed it, so all that’s left is this picture.

Pink Toilet
I have no idea when I took this. All I know is, I went into someone’s bathroom and there staring back at me was a pink toilet. And then I used it.  I used a pink toilet.  I guess I can “check that box”.

7 Responses to “More fun with my camera phone”

  1. We were at a party
    His ear lobe fell in the deep
    Someone reached in and grabbed it
    It was a… Crock Lobster!

  2. Haha!! Yours are much more random than mine are. And I’m a little ashamed to admit that I thought those B-52s were saying Rock-Lobster. Huh–now I’ll be able to sing frantically along with the correct lyrics!

    Photo-texts are the best. I also have random shots that I’ve tweeted. Sometimes you just have to show proof.

    • Actually Trish, the B-52s do, in fact, say Rock Lobster. I was making a pun on that name. So you were singing correctly the whole time. 🙂

      • HA!! Well, with them you can never be certain. Took me a while to determine they were saying TIN ROOF…Rusted. Huh…another post. When you realize you’re singing the wrong lyrics to a song.

  3. I saw that truck this morning in Raleigh, NC and had the same thought… I ran around showing people my picture before i looked online and saw that it wasn’t Knight Industries…

    I was hoping a new Knight Rider movie was going to be filmed…

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