Reviews of 5 brand new sodas in stores now


There have been some new soda flavor releases recently. I’ve picked up a bunch of them and I’m going to review them for you right now.

Mt Dew is back doing the whole Dewmocracy voting thing. If you remember, back in 2008 Mountain Dew released three test market flavors nationwide (SuperNova, Voltage and Revolution) and had people vote on which one became the new permanent Mt Dew flavor.  This resulted in Mt Dew Voltage winning a permanent spot on the nation’s shelves.  Well, Mt Dew is doing this whole thing again with three new flavors for us to try and vote on.  They were released to stores this April and they are Mt Dew Distortion, Mt Dew White Out and Mt Dew Typhoon.  Let’s see if they are any good.

Mt Dew Distortion
Mt Dew Distortion – This flavor is a lime-blasted Mt Dew. The taste is very similar to the Taco Bell exclusive Mt Dew Baja Blast.  This Dew is a little bit more bitter on the aftertaste than Baja Blast, mainly because Baja Blast has pineapple in its flavor to tone that down.  I like lime, I like Mt Dew, so I like this flavor.  However, the coloring and label are too similar to the original Dew and it doesn’t stand out enough for me.  A good flavor that may get lost in the shuffle.

Mt Dew White Out
Mt Dew White Out – Unlike Distortion, this flavor does stand out.  The bright white and blue packaging and disconcertingly white liquid color make this stand out from the drink cooler in every way. How is the taste? Well, it’s labeled as a “smooth citrus” Dew and it doesn’t lie, it is definitely smooth tasting. A light, sweet Dew with very little aftertaste.  I’m just wondering how this smooth citrus is different than the regular Dew citrus? Once again, confusion with the existing brand.  I can see this getting votes on it’s mild taste and eye-catching design.

Mt Dew Typhoon
Mt Dew Typhoon – This is a tropical Punch infused Mountain Dew.  I love the blue/red color combination and the bright red liquid color (but, that too is very similar to Mt Dew Code Red).    The taste is very good.  It has a nice fruit punch flavor that works well with the normal Mt Dew citrus.  The taste actually reminds me of the limited edition Halo 3 Mt Dew Game Fuel from 2008.  I would say that this is my favorite flavor so far, with White Out second and Distortion a close third.  However, unless they make these in diet, I really won’t be drinking them.  Which is a shame, because I like all three of these flavors.  I actually think all of these flavors are much better than the Diet Mt Dew UltraViolet they released last fall.  If they made any of these in diet I would regularly drink it.

So, how’s the voting going?  If you go to, you can see an up to date map by state of the results.

As of 4/26, Mt Dew Typhoon is ahead by 1%. My adopted state of Florida is, so far, supporting Typhoon. My home state of Alabama is supporting White Out.  We’ll see how it goes, things have been changing daily because Typhoon and White Out are so close in voting.

Now let’s look at two more soda flavors that are newly upon store shelves.

Pepsi Max Cease Fire 2nd Degree Burn Doritos
Pepsi Max Cease Fire – This soda took me by surprise earlier this year as I had no idea they were planning it.  I’ve been somewhat out of the soda news loop, I guess.  This is Pepsi Max with a squeeze of lime.  It is very good.  It’s a promotion with Doritos to promote their new 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree Burn flavors.  I normally like to squeeze lemon or lime into my darker sodas like Diet Pepsi, Coke Zero or Pepsi Max.  This does it for me.  The lime flavoring is good, but it still tastes a little artificial.  It’s not a substitute for a real lime squeeze, but it’s the next best thing.  I really do like this stuff.  Also, as an FYI, the new Doritos “Burn” flavors are super HOT.  Even the 1st Degree Burn Blazin’ Jalapeno is almost too hot for me.  They really amped up the heat on those chips.  Beware.

Sunkist Solar Fusion Sunkist Solar Fusion 2 ltr
Sunkist Solar Fusion – An alteration to the normal orange Sunkist, this is Tropical Mandarin Sunkist.  I’m digging the stylized “S” on the label and the name is cool; Solar Fusion.  So far, the design is a winner.  The taste is pretty good.  There’s a little bit more depth to the orange flavoring than the traditional orange Sunkist.  The taste reminds me of Mt Dew Livewire, the orange Mt Dew that is only available in certain markets.

I can recommend all of these new sodas. If you see any of them, give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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8 Responses to “Reviews of 5 brand new sodas in stores now”

  1. I’m such a dork, I bought all of them ad we are taste testing them this morning in my office! lol

  2. Let me know what you think of them, Pit. I’m curious what you think.

  3. I wouldn’t mind “doing the Dew,” even though I’ve always preferred Mello Yello to Mtn Dew, at least on the original flavors. Sadly, I don’t think they have those around here.

  4. Actually, Mello Yello is still around. I’m drinking one this very morning. It’s not in every market. Many places have been replacing Mello Yello with Vault.

    Coke recently updated Mello Yello’s logo.

    • Ah, I should have clarified: I don’t think they have the Dewmocracy flavors around here in Toronto.

      Though Mello Yello is a rare sight as well. Not sure on Vault, I should check next time I’m at a convenience store.

      On the plus side? Sugar. No HFCS here!

  5. I wanna try all of them! I bet I’d like the Fruit Punch Mtn Dew the best though.

    • Fruit Punch is the best. Distortion and White Out are very similar in taste, but White Out is smoother with less of a bitter aftertaste. I really do like them all. However, I’ll never drink them because non-diet sodas bloat the hell out of me.

  6. i liked all the new mountain dews and the lime pepsi max. these r temporary gimmicks which dont stick. coke usually plays it safe but it seems like they buy up their competition

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