Dragging Ass this week + funny videos

Dude, I’ve totally dragged ass this week on writing a post. I was supposed to put up my Best and Worst movies of 2009 but I just didn’t get around to finishing them. I’ve also got another article reviewing original series Star Trek episodes that I could write, but I just haven’t. Or an article about a great book series I just finished on Tuesday.  Any of these could have (nay, should have) been your article for this week, but I just decided to do what my friend Steve and I always did in college.  I called it a “personal week”.  Meaning I didn’t do s**t.

So, to tide everyone over, I’m going to show you two funny videos I’ve found around the net.  Sorta keep you entertained.  I fully intend to thrust into your consciousness my best/worst movie lists for 2009, so prepare for that.  Until then, laugh along with these funny and insane videos.

Everyone here knows my love of the Back to the Future trilogy. Well Tom Wilson, the guy who plays Biff in the series, actually does stand up comedy now. This is one of his best bits. It’s a song about all the dumb questions he gets asked over and over by fans.

Well played, Japan. Well. Played. You have actually won the Internet with this video.


4 Responses to “Dragging Ass this week + funny videos”

  1. Odd but funny. Great finds!

  2. there are so many funny videos on the internet to watch, i can laugh all day watching funny videos ‘-‘

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