The Star Wars Holiday Special and its vintage merchandise

Chewies family

A few weeks ago I wrote about the infamous The Star Wars Holiday Special and its 31st birthday.  I also promised a followup discussing toys and items released to promote the TV special.  Well, that article is up on Monkey Goggles right this very moment.  I discuss the prototype Chewie’s family toys you see above as well as a media kit and several other items released back in the ’70s to promote the horribly received Star Wars special.

So click on over to the article and read about these rare and vintage Star Wars items.  Honestly, the Monkey Goggles article is one of my favorite articles I’ve written.  I really am proud of it.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

And just to let you know, Saturday is Ninja Day!  So I’ll have two new ninja themed articles on Friday and Saturday for your enjoyment!


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