Weekly Geeks 2009-20: Guilty Pleasures

Weekly Geeks

Weekly Geeks time!!!

What’s your non-reading guilty pleasure?
Trashy TV?
Trashier movies?
Junk food?

Guilty pleasures mean that you are embarrassed what other people think about that particular action. For the most part, I enjoy what I enjoy and am not embarrassed about it. Everyone that knows me knows I like this thing or that, I don’t try to hide it. However, here are a few of my non-reading habits that might be odd to a normal person, but are just another part of the magnificent AWESOME-ness that is me.

Giant Eagle
1. Checking out supermarkets I’ve never been to.
Whenever I travel by myself or with my wife (or family) if we pass a cool looking supermarket I’ve never been to, I have to go in. It’s just something I enjoy. When my wife and I went to Paris in 2007 I actually had us go to Mona Vie, a Parisian supermarket/department store.  I found a bunch of cool sodas and chips.  When I go to one of these new groceries, I check out the soda aisle first to see if that particular place has any new sodas I’ve never seen before. I then go check out the snack food aisle for any cool goodies I’ve never seen before; chips, snack cakes, etc. I then check out the cereal aisle for any cool boxes I’ve never scoped before. If I find anything cool, I’ll either buy it on the spot or take pictures of it while in the store.  The links within this paragraph go to several of my Flickr sets highlighting the appropriate items I’ve found during some of my travels. If you click the picture of the Giant Eagle up there you’ll go to my Flickr set of Supermarket chains I’ve visited.  Check them out.

That would probably be the biggest “guilty pleasure” of mine.  What else do I like to do….hmmmm…

2.  This blog
I really enjoy writing it and I enjoy the people I’ve met while writing it.  I want people to read this blog because they they think I’m funny and I write interesting articles on cool topics.  When I see family or friends and they say they like the blog I do get a bit embarrassed, but I’m thankful they said something.  When they say they read this article or that article, I want them to be reading it because they enjoy it, not because they like me and read it out of loyalty (however, I will take loyalty hits on the blog, no doubt).  So thank you everyone for reading my ramblings and coming back for more.  I really does mean a lot.

Jamba Juice
3.  Jamba Juice
OMG, Jamba Juice finally opened two location in Jacksonville, FL but they are at least 35 minutes from my house. So, in order to have one, I almost have to plan a day around it. But I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jamba Juice.  There was going to be a Jamba opening in the mall area not 3 miles from my house, but they dropped out and Tropical Smoothie Cafe opened instead.  I’m like, “WTF, Jamba?!”  And to the several people that said that Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Jamba Juice are the same…I hate you and you are dead to me.  That’s like saying taking the elevator downstairs is the same as BASE jumping off the top of a building while naked.  And on fire.  They may accomplish approximately the same thing, but they are completely different.

4.  Watching cheesy action movies
Yeah, really, really horrible stuff. I’m talking about things like DOA: Dead or Alive or Never Back Down. Really bad, cliched dialog but awesome action. Stuff like Crank, Crank 2 and Fast and Furious (pretty much everyone of them). Not one of them could be considered good movies by someone who isn’t completely insane, but I watch them giddy with the concept of jump starting my mechanical heart with a car battery and jumper cables attached to my nipples. It’s ridiculous and gross, but I love it. I’m looking forward to my former freakin’ neighbor Dr Mike to return to Jax so we can partake in these movies together. Most, if not all, of these movies are better with friends along for the ride.


6 Responses to “Weekly Geeks 2009-20: Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I can actually follow you re. your “obsession” with the supermarkets. Of course we have supermarkets in Denmark, where I live, but when travelling, my better half and I know nothing better than to check out local supermarkets. And funnily enough, we also check out beverages! I check sodas, he checks the beer-selection 😉

  2. I love supermarkets. I’d wander around one every day, if I could. They’re fascinating.
    Happy Weekly Geeks 🙂

  3. Mike Lehman Says:

    I feel the same about the toy aisle at Target or Wal Mart. For some reason, I walk through them and see all the cool guys and think how much I would have loved them when I was a kids. Kids are a great excuse to buy toys when you are 37.

    Same thing about Home Depot: I am easily the least handy guy I know, but I love to wander around Home Depot thinking “Wow, that sledge hammer is cool… I could use it…never.” or ” I wish I had a reason to buy that nail gun.”

  4. Visiting new grocery stores, huh? That actually sounds kind of fun. (Wonder if it’s odd that I’m thinking that…) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mike Wiles Says:

    Jambahatin seems to be a new sport taking hold around this country. Way to represent the Jamba flow my brutha. What’s next? Smoothie King is the shiznit? I think not. I mean Christ, even Jason Bateman loves Jamba Juice.

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