Odds ‘n End from around the internet

Several news items popped up this week that caught my interest and I thought that you guys would also enjoy them.  One is an update of an earlier story, the other two are new.

Back in February, I told you about Action Comics #1 going up for auction.

Action Comics 1

This comic was notable because it featured the first appearance of Superman and it ushered in the Golden Age of superhero comics back in 1938. Before this comic, there were no superheroes as we think of them today. Well, that copy of Action Comics was sold for $317,200. Not bad for an initial 35 cent investment, right?

Well, another legendary comic book went to auction recently. That comic is Showcase #4 from 1956 and it features the first appearance of the “new” Flash (who also happens to be my favorite comic book character of all time).

Showcase 4

While Action Comics #1 began what is considered the Golden Age of Comics, Showcase #4 and Flash’s first appearance started what is considered the Silver Age of Comics. The Flash seen here is an update of the Golden Age Flash, modernized for the Space Age. This comic led to a revival of other Golden Age heroes like Green Lantern who appeared 18 issues later in Showcase #22.  This updating of decades old heroes led to a revival in the popularity of the superhero comic after several years of sagging interest.

The auction for Showcase #4 ended 9 days ago and the final bid was almost $180,000, making this comic the most expensive Silver Age Comic in existence.  Yay, Flash!!

Another interesting news item I noticed was that Cameron Frye’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is up for sale.


Found in Highland Park, IL, the mostly glass house is very modern and still has the separate glass-encased garage seen in the movie. Click the image above or click here for more pics of the house.

That’s it for this week!  I got a big article planned for next week.  It focuses on ways to make classic literature more AWESOME.  You’re gonna love it.  See you then.


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