Wrapup for the Weekend

Wazzup, bitches?

It’s Friday up in here. I can’t wait to blow this piece in 5 or so hours. Man alive, time is moving SO SLOW. WTF?!

Anyway, got a few things to mention.

doritos#1– Remember on my birthday when I found the two new flavors of Doritos; Wild White Nacho and Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ? Doritos wanted people to go to their website and vote for one of the flavors to be the new permanent Doritos flavor. Well, Smokin’ Cheddar Barbeque won. I still stand by my decision that Wild White Nacho was the best. I can’t believe the voting went contrary to my opinion. That’s a little shocking to me. People don’t agree with me? ME?! Ludicrous.

DPM#2– The other day my neighbor was telling me how awful the Smokin’ Cheddar Barbeque Doritos are and he couldn’t fathom the idea of me liking them. Just to show him how wrong he was I went to buy another bag (hence me finding out the news in #1) and I found a bottle of Diet Pepsi Max. Yes, the onslaught of new soda continues. This one is a tad boring because it’s not really different. There’s more caffeine and they’ve added ginseng, but that’s about it. The taste is only slightly changed due to the extra stuff, but really it’s the same old Diet Pepsi juiced up for the “high caffeine” market. I’ll stick to my regular Diet Pepsi and Diet Pepsi Lime, thank you.

Reunited#3 — Holy crap, did I just win the “train wreck lottery”?! MTV went out and got all the members of Real World Las Vegas and reunited them for ANOTHER run in the same suite in the Palms on the Vegas strip! Does it get anymore awesome than this? I think Peaches & Herb said it best….”Reunited and it feels so good! Reunited cause we understood!” Real World Las Vegas was the best (read: insane, bat-guano crazy) season of Real World, followed closely by Chicago or Miami. I have no doubt that the crew will be drinkin’, whorin’ and whinin’ every step of the way. The show started on Tuesday, but I DVR’d it because my wife has threatened my life if I watch it without her. So, because I’m rather fond of that life she so readily threatened, I’m waiting.

Have a good weekend everyone. See you on the other side.



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