New Doritos…oh, and my birthday

Happy Bday
Well, yesterday was my 33rd birthday. Yay! My age finally matches Larry Bird’s number. How cool is that? I say, “Very.” My wife says, “Not so much” (what does she know?).

I had a good birthday. My wife got me a Polar Running Computer which is a running watch that also monitors your heart rate and times your intervals for you. I love it and can’t wait to use it. I also got some work clothes and some really cool gift certificates to my favorite stores. One of my friends and regular readers sent me a package of Garbage Pail Kids. Man, that was an awesome gift. I might turn that into a blog article, so stay tuned. For food, the wife and I grilled filet mignon and ate dinner just the two of us. Lots of fun, lots of wine. Typical Holley birthday. Thank you.

New DoritosBeing lucky because it was my birthday, I finally found the two new Doritos flavors that are fighting to be the newest addition to the ever present Dorito lineup. Click the image to the left to go to the “Fight For the Flavor” website. At this website you can vote to see which of the two flavors to the left are going to be the newest flavor of Doritos chips. The two flavors are Wild White Nacho and Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ. Let me tell you one thing, they are both GOOD. It’s going to be tough seeing one of these go. I probably like both of them better than Cool Ranch, but not as much as regular Nacho. However, if I have to pick a winner, in my own mind Wild White Nacho is the Rocky Balboa to Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ’s Ivan Drago. Wild White Nacho is almost as good as the saintly Nacho Cheese. And that’s saying A LOT. However, rush out and try some on your own, they are worth it.

Hostess Cup CakesYou know what else I found today? Hostess Apple Spice cupcakes. I thought they only sold these around Christmas time. Holy crap-in-a-hat these are divine. These things are like little apple-spice tears from heaven. Fluffs of clouds that have been lightly spiced with apples and frosting. It doesn’t get much better than this. If you can find these…GET THEM. So. F’n. Good.

Anyhow, I’ll probably have a more traditional article for you next week. I’ve been somewhat lazy because work has been kicking my butt and it’s been my birthday (which, in my mind, lasts a week). So, I’ll work on that article and get back with you early next week. Sound good?




4 Responses to “New Doritos…oh, and my birthday”

  1. […] Remember on my birthday when I found the two new flavors of Doritos; Wild White Nacho and Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ? Doritos wanted people to go to their website and […]

  2. Happy birthday ! Have a pleasant day.Its a new idea to wish people through balloon.

  3. burt anderson Says:

    dear doritos, what happened to what i thought was the best flavor “pepper jack” doritos. i can not find them anywhere, i hope you bring them back soon.

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