New Doritos…oh, and my birthday » New Doritos

7 Responses to “New Doritos”

  1. Your Freakin' Neighbor Says:

    You are on crack, my friend. So the new flavor is supposed to be “Smokin Cheddar BBQ” huh? Well, Jen, Jack and Pat took a small bite of one chip and ran screaming in the other direction. Only Beans and I ate them and, as for me, I’ll eat anything.

    When I ate them, I thought they were going for one of those awful flavors, like Celery Soda or Ketchup-flavored or pickle=flavored potato chips (which actually aren’t bad). I thought they made a cheesburger flavored Dorito. The ingredients included cheese, beef tallow and mustard. To me, that ain’t BBQ, that’s cheesburger.

    I can never trust your taste-buds, and have serious questions about your sanity.

  2. Mike, Mike, Mike. Oh ye of little faith in my taste buds. They are potato chips, not duck a la orange or chilean sea bass. Their flavor is not meant to be debated this heavily.

    It’s a fried potato crisp that tastes like BBQ. How close can they really get, anyway? I’m willing to give Doritos a little leeway unlike you Navy families that have such stringent chip-tasting palettes. Stop being a Dorito snob and join the revolution, my friend.

  3. Oh, and thanks for reading, Mike.


  4. Your Freakin' Neighbor Says:

    They stiil suck, dude.

    And you are welcome.

    I need to go through your archives to see if there are any entries that start with “You won’t believe what the bonehead next door just did…..”

  5. I set all THOSE entries to private. Just like all the entries that begin with, “The evening for Steph and I started innocently enough….”

  6. Sarah Thompson Says:

    These chips taste just like a Burger King Whopper! I can’t decide if I like them or hate them…

  7. There is definately a love/hate thing going on. I originally loved them, but the more times I try them I have a hard time finishing the bag.

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