Gettin’ ready for Summer with Pepsi Summer Mix


Pepsi Summer MixI told you in the Diet Coke Plus article here that Coke and Pepsi are going to be releasing many new and remixed flavors for the coming summer. I’m anxiously awaiting the Mountain Dew: Halo 3 edition. However another flavor remix has just arrived and I found it today at Wally World (Wal-Mart, for those in “the biz”).

Check the picture to the left and you can see that, yes, Pepsi Summer Mix has arrived. If you click the picture you can visit the official website. What is it? Well, the label says it’s a mix of tropical fruit flavors and Pepsi. Which tropical fruit flavors? No clue. Pepsi declines to mention that little nugget of info. How’s the taste? Not bad, but not great. Imagine drinking a bottle of Pepsi while eating a mouthful of regular Starburst candies. THAT is what this soda tastes like. Soda mixed with candy. It should be called Pepsi Starburst Mix. Or Pepsi: The Candy Edition. Not something I would label as tropical fruit, nor do I think I’ll drink it again. Pepsi Tropical ChillIt’s hard for me to remember, but I think this Summer Mix tastes extremely similar to another Pepsi flavor called Pepsi Blue.

Did you know that in the early ’90s Pepsi released another Pepsi version with tropical flavors? Look to the right, Pepsi Tropical Chill was released to test markets in the US to see if it would sell. It was accompanied with its brothers Pepsi Strawberry Burst and Pepsi Raging Razzberry (yes, Pepsi misspelled raspberry, not me). The three flavors were bundled into one promotional package and were collectively called The Wild Bunch. Peep the group pic below.

Pepsi Wild Bunch

These three “wild and crazy guys” were also available in 6packs and 12packs for a limited time in certain test market supermarkets. I guess they didn’t sell well because they never made it out of the testing stage. Too bad (or not since Strawberry Pepsi seems too similar to Wild Cherry Pepsi and Raspberry Pepsi just sounds like ass-berry Pepsi).

I heard there might be a diet version of Summer Mix coming, but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

Thanks to X-Entertainment and Steve Tanner for the pics in this article.

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13 Responses to “Gettin’ ready for Summer with Pepsi Summer Mix”


  2. Actually Pineapple Pepsi and Black Cherry Pepsi sound pretty good. I’d buy those!

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  4. Hey, I don’t mind you using my image of Pepsi Summer Mix, but some image attribution would be nice 🙂

  5. Aha! I had forgotten where I got the picture. Thank you for the reminder, Steve. Sorry about that.

  6. Thanks, I appreciate it. Carry on your crazy beverage drinking ways!

  7. I was just talking about how much I missed tropical chill pepsi from the 90’s with a friend. Then I found a bottle of summer mix. Kinda tastes the same. I wonder if it’s the same stuff. I live in Sacramento which was one of the cities the 90’s test market was in.

  8. pineapple juice mixed with pepsi. do it yourself, its cheaper and tastes good. mmmm

  9. Awesome! I came across this article by chance, I was flipping through Bing for goji berry supplements when I came upon your website. Im happy I found it. Just what I was looking for. Subscribed to your RSS feeds, be back in a day or two

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  11. my oeosi Says:

    this form hasn’t been touched over a decade

  12. my oeosi Says:

    if anyone sees this I’m 23 year old man

  13. my balls Says:

    Pepsi Summer Mix is good I tried it in back in 2007

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