Harry Potter Book 7 cover; Fox Cancels Drive

This article is somewhat of a “good news” – “bad news” thing.

First the good news. I was snooping around the net and found a picture of the cover for
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter 7

Pretty cool, huh? Everyone else on Earth may have seen this but I haven’t. The book comes out July 21, 2007. I can’t wait. Unfortunately, I tend to read the books too fast so I’ll probably re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in June-July and not tackle Book 7 until late summer or fall. I gotta make it last, my friends. Savor the flavor, if you will, because this is the last one. I’ll be incredibly interested to see the type of books Rowling releases after Harry Potter is over. Realistically, she doesn’t have to work EVER again, but I hope she does some other, different books. She’s a good writer.


Now, the bad news. For me, at least. It seems that Fox has decided, after 4 episodes, to cancel the new Tim Minear show, Drive. In it’s place, they are putting on another reality show called The Real Wedding Crashers. It’s an un-funny Candid Camera re-tread that everyone on Earth can do without. Wow, Fox, thanks, I was noticing that the networks seemed a little thin in the reality show department. Good call. This is oddly familiar for some of us as Fox canceled Firefly (also starring Nathan Fillion and co-written by Tim Minear) after only 11 episodes. So Drive will now join Angel, Firefly, Arrested Development and Heist as tv shows that were canceled before they should have been (at least I think so). Oh, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Damn, networks need to man up and stop canceling good shows to re-run other popular shows or put on ANOTHER reality show.

For those that don’t know, Drive was an action show about a secret, illegal street race and the people that are participating in it. I mentioned it in an earlier article about The Cannonball Run. Since the show only aired for four episodes, the show wasn’t really in it’s prime. There was definitely potential, but the character development was just getting started and everyone that watched was just getting interested, much like the aforementioned Studio 60 and Heist.

Well, I guess that leaves more room for my other shows.

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