Chairman of Hooters Restaurants Found Dead

Robert Brooks, Chairman of Hooters Restaurants, was found dead yesterday of unknown causes. He was 69. An autopsy will be performed on Monday to determine cause of death.

I wanted to take a moment in remembrance for a good man, nay, a GREAT man. This man was a people pleaser. He knew people wanted a place to eat good wings. DONE. He knew people wanted it to be a casual place the whole family could enjoy. DONE. He knew people wanted a place where you can watch sports, drink a beer and watch scantily clad high-schoolers prance around like its 1972 in the Playboy Mansion grotto. DONE and DONE.

Please take a moment to remember this great man. Ladies, let the twins hang at half mast for a man that only wanted to glorify the beauty of the female body. Not unlike Isaac Newton or Jim Henson before him, he was a true visionary and he will be missed.

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