“Ask me about my wiener!”

Today is Wiener Mobile Monday on the blog. Why, you ask? Because…I answer…I saw the mythical beast in my supermarket parking lot Sunday afternoon, July 23, 2006!

I know, I know, you don’t believe me. I sound like one of those crackpots talking about filming bigfoot or coming face to face with the Loch Ness monster or playing poker with the Yeti (FYI…Yeti can’t bluff worth a damn), but I have photographic evidence that I saw the hot-doggity awesomeness of the Oscar Mayer WienerMobile!!!

Check out these pics (click on them to go to my photo blog):

Hope these pics brighten your day as they did mine. Nothing gets me excited like pictures of a wiener…….mobile.

Fun Wiener Mobile related links:

Take a virtual tour of the Wiener Mobile’s interior
Classic Oscar Mayer wiener commercial
I was damaged on a molecular level by this guy singing the Oscar Mayer jingle

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One Response to ““Ask me about my wiener!””

  1. I saw the mythical beast as well!!! I was so excited I had to blog about to!!

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