AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Fangoria fantasy babe pinups!

Awesometoberfest banner

Just like their posters, Fangoria also liked to include pin ups of popular horror/sci-fi actresses. I have two of those for you.

First, take a look at one of my favorites, Elvira. This pin-up is from The Bloody Best of Fangoria Vol 5 in 1986.  I love Elvira and have had a huge crush on her since my teens.

Cult Classics ad

The second is a pin up from Fangoria #26 in 1983. It’s of Tanya Roberts who had just starred in The Beastmaster.

Fangoria 92

2012 banner
Also, check out the blog Countdown to Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness.


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