AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Cult Classics tee shirts ad (1990)

Awesometoberfest banner

Today is an ad for tee shirts of cult classic movie posters. The posters are printed on black tee shirts and in neon colors.  I have to admit, these look pretty awesome.  Check out the Lugosi Dracula and Wolf Man images.  How about that Reefer Madness?  That’s pretty bad ass.  My one regret, they never offered them as prints.  Only as shirts, pins and patches.  Why?  I would have bought pretty much every single one of these images as a poster to hang on my wall.  They are so cool looking.  Missed opportunity I guess.  But imagine a jacket with these images as patches all over it.  Sooooooo cooooooool.

The ad appeared in Fangoria #92 from 1990.  Click it for BIGGER.

Cult Classics ad

Just for kicks, here’s the image of the cover.

Fangoria 92

2012 banner
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