AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Fangoria From Beyond articles

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It’s been Stuart Gordon week this week as I showcase ads and covers pertaining to his movies leading up to tomorrow’s Fangoria Movie Friday review of From Beyond.

Back in the mid 80s, Fangoria was in love with not only Stuart Gordon but his “upcoming project” From Beyond. Hard not to see why as Gordon had just released the cult hit Re-animator (which I reviewed last Halloween) and the magazine was looking for any and all information about his next project. And when it was revealed that the next project would be another Lovecraft adaptation and again star both Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, well, Fangoria’s editors (as well as the collective Fangoria readership) creamed their horror loving jeans in anticipation.

I had no trouble finding at least six articles in my stacks of magazines pertaining to not only the movie From Beyond, but to Stuart Gordon himself as well as his two frequent collaborators, Combs and Crampton.  There were also several articles specifically talking about the make-up effects for the movie.  But I’ll focus on the main three collaborators with the one-on-one interviews they gave.

Here’s a Stuart Gordon interview from The Bloody Best of Fangoria Vol 6 (1987). I’m not sure from which issue it was reprinted.

Stuart Gordon interview Stuart Gordon 2
Stuart Gordon 3 Stuart Gordon 4

Here’s a Barbara Crampton interview from Fangoria #60 (1987).

Barbara Crampton interview Crampton Interview 2
Crampton Interview 3

And finally, a Jeffrey Combs interview from Fangoria #61 (1987).

Jeffrey Combs interview Combs interview 02
Combs interview 03

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