AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Street Trash or cult classic? (1987)

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Yesterday I showed you a picture gallery of the cult horror movie Street Trash that was published in Fangoria #67.  I also announced that Street Trash was going to be my Fangoria Movie Friday review this week.  Today I’ll show you guys an article from Fangoria #63 also about that little seen cult gore classic.  The article discusses how the movie has become a “cult classic” which is weird because the article is from the same year that the movie came out.  I’m not sure you can accurately judge a “cult classic” that soon.  I would maybe say it was a “cult hit”, but not necessarily a cult classic.  And that’s coming from one of the co-hosts of the Cult Film Club Podcast, so you can “take that to the bank” (my new catchphrase).

Like Rawhead Rex, I’ve been fascinated with this movie because of the Fangoria article I’m showing you today.  The pictures in the article tell the story of my fascination.  Is that a wino f**king melting into the toilet?!  And is that makeup artist in page 3 using a Coke bottle to liberally spread gore about said toilet?!  WHERE CAN I SEE THIS MOVIE?!  STAT!

Answer: Nowhere.  I never found it.  So I never watched it.  However, just recently I did acquire a copy of the movie specifically to fill in that hole in my horror soul.  And tomorrow, you will get to read my longtime brewing review of this movie.  Like the article asks, is this movie a cult classic, or just street trash?  Find out in this week’s Fangoria Movie Friday review.

But for now, here’s that historic article from back in 1987. It features lots of good behind the scenes info on the making of the movie like the fact that it started out as a short created for film school and the director was paid to pad it out to feature length.  I should track down that short.  There’s also a nice little interview with the lead makeup artist, Jennifer Aspinall.

Street Trash 01 Street Trash 02

Street Trash 04 Street Trash 03

Street Trash 05

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