AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Rampaging with Rawhead Rex (1987)

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Yesterday I showed you the cover to Fangoria #61 with the feature on Clive Barker’s Rawhead Rex.  I mentioned that I’d been fascinated with this article since 8th grade as well as the movie.  I always wondered if it was any good.  However, due to never actually finding the movie to rent anywhere, I have never watched it. That changes tomorrow.  For Fangoria Movie Friday tomorrow I’m going to review the movie Rawhead Rex and see if it lives up to what I have been fantasizing about for the past 27 years (oh, and HOLY S**T IT’S BEEN 27 YEARS!?).  So check back tomorrow for this historic review.

Today, I leave you with the Rawhead Rex feature article from Fangoria #61.  It was called Rampaging with Rawhead Rex.  You can click any of the images to make them BIGGER.

A few tidbits to note.  This article mentions that Rawhead Rex was a cannibal king, but, in actuality, he’s supposed to be an ancient fertility god who also happens to be a cannibal.  I think some of the fertility stuff was cut out of the movie for obvious reasons.  I think I even read somewhere that Rex was supposed to look like a giant anamorphic penis.  That would have been an interesting movie.

Also, it seems the studio as well as the director, George Pavlou, had very high hopes for this movie.  The director starts talking about incorporating ancient Gaelic texts into the story and character driven horror as well as pulling back on gore in a Hitchcockian way of upping the suspense.  That’s a lot of big talk.  We’ll see tomorrow if that pays off.

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  1. Man, I’ve never even HEARD of Rawhead Rex but it looks like a hella good time! I’m hoping you enjoy it! 🙂 [now I wanna see it haha]

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