Giving thanks for my new The Shadow action figures

Brian over at is a good friend of this site and the Nerd Lunch podcast. He is also a garage sale/flea market/Craigslist guru. He finds awesome pop culture items and toys tucked away in some nooks and crannies where only the brave care to tread.

Brian posted several articles recently (here, here and here) showing a nice haul of toys he had procured and is looking to “trim the fat”.  I love looking at these articles and seeing some of the treasures he has unearthed.  For instance, I wasn’t even AWARE they made figures for The Last Action Hero and Demolition Man.  WHAT?!  That’s coconuts.  Check them out:

The Last Action Hero figs

Bananas. Anyway, a little further down, I noticed something that caught my eye. Brian had found some of Kenner’s The Shadow figures from the 1994 movie. I love that movie and I really loved those figures. I still own my Lightning Draw Shadow figure from that line that I bought back in ’94 when they were on clearance in KayBee Toys.

Lightning Draw Shadow figure

Kenner’s entire The Shadow figure line was amazing.  Eight regular figures, a deluxe electronic figure and FOUR vehicles.  The line was gorgeous, it really was.  It’s too bad the movie didn’t hit like they wanted because I would have loved to have seen both a Shadow Sanctum and a Hotel Monolith playset.  Oh yeah, AND A SEQUEL.  But that’s a rant for another time.

I don’t see these figs very often, so I was immediately interested. I asked Brian if he had found either the Transforming Lamont Cranston figure or any of the awesome vehicles.  Unfortunately Brian said “No” to the vehicles, but he did find the Transforming Lamont Cranston.  However, he was keeping that one for himself (greedy SOB).  Regardless, Brian had found two of The Shadow figures (Ambush and Ninja) and all of the villains (Shiwan Khan, Battle Shiwan Khan, Mongol Warrior and Dr Mocquino, who is from the pulp stories and not the movie).  I only really cared about the Shadow figs and not really any of the villains.  So I emailed Brian and after a few negotiation emails I became the proud owner of two carded The Shadow figures.

I got Ninja Shadow (which is awesome beyond words)

Ninja Shadow figure

and the Ambush Shadow which is a cool looking translucent figure

Ambush Shadow action figure

It’s so hard not to open these up. Especially the Ninja Shadow, but I love the packaging and don’t really want to destroy it.

Here’s the back of the figure card with a picture of all the other toys in the Shadow line.  Click any of these images to see them better on Flickr.

Shadow figure collection

So thanks Brian for wheeling and dealing with me and getting these figures out to me so quickly. And they were packaged VERY well.  I appreciate that.

If you are looking for some awesome nostalgic pop culture toys, check out Brian’s “toys for sale” articles and see if any catch your eye. He has a crap ton of Jurassic Park figs as well as GI Joe, Skeleton Warriors, The Corps, Marvel Superheroes, DC Comics Superheroes, Waterworld, Aliens and Tales from the Cryptkeeper. It’s an awesome walk down toy nostalgia lane.

Here are those articles:

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2 Responses to “Giving thanks for my new The Shadow action figures”

  1. Hi Paxton! You are so reminding me of the episode of Big Bang Theory when Sheldon keeps trying not to open up his boxed collectors edition action figure of, I think it was Lenard Nemoy. When he finally opens it and plays with it, he breaks it by mistake 😛
    Happy Holidays!

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