Nerd Lunch Episode 73: Drilldown: Pirates of the Caribbean movies

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Welcome to episode 73 of the Nerd Lunch podcast. This week we are again joined by fellow Jacksonville-ian Robert Zerbe from To The Escape Hatch. And since we are again without Jeeg, we call on Jay from Sexy Armpit to fill in. This week we begin our drilldown of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean 1 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Pirates of the Caribbean 4

We talk about the movies that we think worked. We talk about the movies that didn’t work. We discuss why we think they did or didn’t work. We talk about our favorite characters and scenes. We even ponder what we think would make a good fifth movie now that has been officially announced. It’s lots of good pirate-y fun.

Download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.

Or listen to it online here.


4 Responses to “Nerd Lunch Episode 73: Drilldown: Pirates of the Caribbean movies”

  1. I just realized Kiera Knightly used to look cute back in the day…she actually had some fat on her in the first movie…

  2. Just in time–I’ve taught Elle this week what a pirate says. She says more “grrrr” than “arrrrr” but we’re working on it. Now I just have to figure out how to listen via my phone…

  3. It was great talking pirates with you! I think the episode turned out great.

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