Movie Board: My Favorite Movies of 2012

Movie Board

This will be the first year that I don’t actually have a physical “white board” in which I wrote down all of the movies I saw this past year.  My movie list is kept all digital now with Google Spreadsheets (like my book list).  So, it’s sad, but for the most part I think I’m retiring my literal “white board”.  Who knows, maybe I’ll bring it back.  We’ll see.  To see previous years’ picks, click the image above.

Anyway, I combed through my movie log and picked 5 of my favorite movies released in 2012.  Notice I’m not saying “best”.  That is so subjective, I’m just telling you my “favorite” movies of 2012, in no particular order.

Marvel’s The Avengers – Who am I kidding? This is my favorite movie of the year. It’s probably the greatest movie ever filmed.  I can’t add anything more to what’s already been said.  You’ve seen it or you are in a coma.  And I’m sorry for you coma people because you’re missing the best movie ever made.

Django Unchained – Just got a showing of this movie in under the wire and HOLY SHEEEEE-IT, it’s amazing. I think I like this one even better than Inglourious Basterds.  Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio are the reasons to see this movie, but I don’t mean to discount Jamie Foxx or Samuel L Jackson.  This is one well acted, well written movie and…IT’S A WESTERN!  Yes, maybe this will cause Hollywood to try it’s hand at more of them.  However, I am concerned that Disney’s The Lone Ranger may kill that notion, quick.  But I hope not.

Skyfall – Is this the best Bond film of all time? No, it’s not. However, it’s probably the best Craig Bond film. For me, right now, it ranks up there, possibly in the top 5 of all time Bond movies. We’ll see, though, time will tell if that holds up.  Fantastic movie.

The Bourne Legacy – Honestly, I was a little concerned when Matt Damon said he wasn’t going to return to the Bourne role for this movie. However, they assembled a dynamite cast with Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz.  Lots of great action and Renner is awesome as usual.  Also, you can imagine this as a Hawkeye prequel to The Avengers and it works just as nicely.

The Cabin In The Woods – This sort of came out of nowhere for me. Such a great movie. I liked it so much I even co-hosted an Atomic Geeks supplemental podcast where Christian, Digio and I talked about how great the movie was.  If you are a fan of horror, or any well written satire/homages, then you’ll love this movie.

My favorite movies I watched in 2012 that weren’t released in 2012.

The Adventures of Tintin (2011) – I really had no desire to see this, but Steven Spielberg directed it and Jaime Bell is the lead voice, so I gave it a chance. And it’s pretty awesome. And the animation is RIDICULOUSLY good. Lots of fun action. Sort of a treasure hunt and it’s family friendly.  This could become a generational movie to younger kids today in about 10-15 years.

Chronicle – This movie also snuck up on me.  I was aware of it, but not really how good or dark it was going to get.  Turns out it gets very good and very dark.  Seriously, this is exactly what it would be like if three teens ever got super powers.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – I really like the third movie (MI: III), but this movie is even better than that. This is the perfect Mission Impossible movie. The addition of Jeremy Renner was genius (especially if Cruise leaves and Renner becomes the lead). Absolutely see this.

Real Steel (2011) – I must be a sucker for Hugh Jackman and fighting robots. I loved this movie. Part of it may be because at the heart of the story is the relationship between a father and son. And being the father of a son, that stuff just gets me. And the fighting robots thing. This was a surprisingly good movie.

13 Assassins (2010) – Watched this based on recommendations from Jeeg on the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Wow. Just AWESOME. Brutal, violent, amazing.

Spirited Away (2001) – Watched this for an episode of Nerd Lunch with Shawn Robare. I can’t believe I’d never watched it before. I’m really going to have to start checking out more of Miyazaki’s work.


10 Responses to “Movie Board: My Favorite Movies of 2012”

  1. Yeah, Avengers pretty much swept it away for me last year too – best movie of 2012! I think I saw it a total of 3 or 4 times in theaters. Cabin in the Woods was a nice surprise as well… seems like Whedon had a good run last year.

  2. Saw all the movies on your list for 2012 but the Bourne Legacy…and I love the series in general so I will be renting it soon for sure…Best bond Craig film for me was not this one but he IS Bond in my book hands down…I wanna my BOND character that would make me piss my pants if he threatened me and he’s the only one that would do that… those other pansies take a big backseat to him…thanks for the list….

  3. I must be in a terminal coma, because I haven’t seen anu of the Avengers’ solo movies either.

  4. LBD "Nytetrayn" Says:

    Avengers was one of my favorites, though I think Wreck-It Ralph edged it out. Hobbit was pretty good, and I still need to see Django Unchained– this weekend, if all goes accordingly!

  5. Hey Pax, did you see Looper yet? Curious to how it ranks in your time travel movie list. I watched it last weekend and thought it was great!

    • Yes, I did see Looper, and I should have mentioned that in my Honorable Mentions. Man, I really dropped the ball. I also forgot to include Argo.

      Good question how that ranks in my time travel movie list. It would probably sneak in over Time Crimes around #7, I think and bump off Galaxy Quest. I really enjoyed it. As time goes on we’ll see if it crawls further up the list.

  6. Not to burst your Miyakazi bubble, but Spirited Away is far and away his best film. He made many more good-to-great films, but you did start on a high note. I recommend his Lupin thr Third film, Castle of Cagliostro.

  7. Great list! We have a few crossovers and The Avengers was my number 1 as well. I haven’t seen Django yet, unfortunately but I hope to remedy that soon. I completely forgot about Cabin in the Woods until after I posted my list and I LOVED that movie. Didn’t care much for The Bourne Legacy.

  8. The only one of these that I saw was Avengers. I liked it but didn’t love it. I ended up liking Batman better (saw it at home a few weeks ago). 2012 was a terrible movie watching year for me–just too hard to find a sitter so Scott typically goes with a friend if at all. I did see Magic Mike with a girlfriend and it was TERRIBLE. Yuck. YUCK. That should have made your worst movie board, Pax. I’m concerned about the fact that it didn’t…

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