Some of my geeky shelf displays


New League assignment from Brian this week. We are to present a shelf display of things in our collection that showcases our love of pop culture.

My displays are not what they used to be. I used to have an entire downstairs filled with Star Wars memorabilia. However, since I moved to Florida, that all went into storage and now I only have a few out of the way spots where I can display some of my favorite items.

One of those spots is a bookshelf in my closet.

My book corner

This bookshelf houses the books on my “To Be Read” pile.  And the shelves are double stacked.  Some are books I’ve never read before and some are re-reads.  Within this shelf you’ll find movie novelizations, comic book novels, Star Trek and Star Wars novels, Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman books, etc, etc.  But, as you can see, there are more than just books here.

Hanging on the wall in back you can see the Muppet Christmas Carol poster I have up for the holiday season.  That poster changes a few times a year.  For Halloween I had up From Dusk till Dawn.  On top of the shelf on the left side I have a stack of comic trade paperbacks including some of the Marvel Ultimate books and several Fantastic Four collections.  On top of the trades is a shadow box display of my running medals.  It includes the bib and medals I received for finishing my first two marathons and several other half-marathons.

Next to those on the right side I have two DVD sets.  The black box is the complete Six Million Dollar Man set from Time-Life.  It’s awesome.  I’ve currently watched through Season 1.  On the far right is the Buffy Chosen Collection DVD set featuring all 7 seasons.  I really love the first 3.5 seasons of this show.  But I’m currently selling it on eBay right now, so if you want it, you can try to buy it.

One other display that I have is a small divided section curio containing some of my Star Wars figures.

Star Wars curio

It features a mix of new and vintage figures.  I tried to theme each section a bit.  In the upper left is the stormtrooper section.  Lower right is the vintage bounty hunter section.  Various Lukes are in the lower left.  I should probably switch these figs out a bit more to change up the displays but I haven’t.

Essentially, those are the only shelf displays I really have left.  Someday, I’ll post a pictorial essay of my previous “Star Wars Room” pictures.

UPDATE – I forgot to include a pic of my “soda shelf” that I keep at work. It features soda cans from the 80s, 90s and today.

soda shelf

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8 Responses to “Some of my geeky shelf displays”

  1. Aw man, you’ve been relegated to a closet? Where are all the soda cans–and Tom Welling???

    I will continue to hold down my cave like it’s the Alamo… wait, that might not be the best analogy.

    • Yeah, with the second child about to be born, there’s just no room left for a proper “man cave”. That’ll hopefully change when the kids get older.

      The soda cans are at my desk at work. Yeah, I guess I should have included a pic of my soda shelf.


  2. It won’t change when the kids get older. 😉

  3. I wouldn’t be able to get much work done with all those tasty beverages staring me down. I’d be running to the vending machines every 20 minutes. Actually…I already do that now. =/

  4. Oddly I think we are bookshelf twins, not the content but the shelves themselves :/

  5. Love this. I was out doing some Christmas shopping today, and decided my collection was lacking a great Christmas film. So I purchased A Muppet Christmas Carol. I also have a ‘to read’ shelf, but I try and keep it to just a shelf and rotate new books through. I’m pretty blessed in the fact that I have a four car garage at the house I bought earlier this year, and only one car. So that is my ‘cave’, but I need to do some more work on making it look cool.

  6. I dig the Star Wars display. The soda cans are really cool. You need a Pepsi clear. Lol.

  7. First: I have the same Anakin in pilot uniform but mine is in not-so-good conditions as yours.
    Second: it is awesome to see a well preserved collection of vintage soda cans. I can’t believe they’re that old!

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