Nerd Lunch Episode 49: Guilty Pleasures

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Here we are, 1 episode before the big 5-0. This week we are joined again by Rondal from Strange Kid’s Club and we are doing a somewhat “sequel” to a subject from w-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y back in Episode 4.  That subject was guilty displeasures.  However, this week, we are flipping the script and talking about guilty pleasures.

Guilty Pleasures
(Via Pretty Random Things)

Yes, guilty pleasures. Those things you do that you are ashamed you do. Watch a terrible TV show, enjoy a bad movie. Maybe you don’t feel guilty about it but everyone else you know gives you crap about it. That’s what we are discussing. And yes, reality television is mentioned more than once.  So strap on your listening devices and join us.

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Or just listen to the episode via the Internet radio machine here.


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