Nerd Lunch Episode 36: Marvel’s The Avengers Extravaganza

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Episode 36 has gone live in what is probably the fastest turn around we’ve ever accomplished between recording, editing and posting. Much luv to CT for that. *pats chest with two fingers gangsta-style*

So anyway, I’m pretty sure we teased our Muppet episode this week, but with the smash success of The Avengers, we felt it was more appropriate to air this episode instead and air the Muppet episode with Shawn Robare next week. Sorry to bump you, Shawn, but…Avengers…am I right?

Avengers Forever by John Byrne (Via Comic Vine)

This is a very special “roadtrip” episode of Nerd Lunch. CT travels to Jacksonville to see The Avengers with me and Jeeg travels to southern Illinois to visit the mysterious “third” Nerd Lunch-er, PLee. CT and I record live in the Cavalcade headquarters and Jeeg and PLee record live on their end and the episode cuts back and forth between our conversations as we talk about our reactions to the movie and our thoughts on the entire Marvel movie franchise.

Did the movie live up to our VERY high expectations? Did the fact that Banner was Ruffalo instead of Norton bother us? Will we ever be the same?  Download the episode and find out.

Download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner. And yes, we are still on the Zune Marketplace.


4 Responses to “Nerd Lunch Episode 36: Marvel’s The Avengers Extravaganza”

  1. stormspeed Says:

    Over there on the side, you have a little area that says “I just watched” and then under Avengers it has 4.5 stars. Did you only give it 4.5 stars? What could it have done to get 5?

    • CT?

      I actually had it at 5 stars, but changed it at the last second. I honestly give nothing 5 stars after 1 viewing. 5 stars usually comes about after several years and multiple viewings. However, I was literally 2 seconds away from breaking that rule and giving Avengers 5 stars. I may still do it.

      • Yeah, it’s CT. I have to log into WordPress to comment and it’s not letting me be “CT” or “Nerd Lunch” or whatever.

        Either way, I think your rule is fair and I completely get that. Plus, it just means you have to watch Avengers several more times to be sure it’s worthy of the 5 star rating. Well played, sir. Well played.

      • I do what I must.

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