Of Holy Grails and white whales….Call me Ishmael


Brian has released this week’s assignment for The League. This week he wants us to talk about, as collectors, our Holy Grail items. He also mentions our white whales.   I see these two concepts as different.  Our Holy Grails are something we’d love to own, but we realize that, for whatever reason, we will never own it.  “If I had all the money in the world I’d……”

White whales are something we are always on the lookout for.  Something that, if we found it, we would be able to bring it home.  There is hope with a white whale, but with Holy Grails, there usually is very little.

I’ve been a collector for many years.  I don’t really do it as much as I used to, but I still manage to “collect stuff” without meaning to.  Action figures, books, DVDs, soda cans, etc.

So, let’s start with my Holy Grail.  What do I think would be awesome to own, but I’m 99% confident that I’ll never own?  I’d have to say the Holiest of my Holy Grails would be:

Showcase #4
Showcase #4 – Published by DC in 1955. Features the first appearance of the Barry Allen Flash.  Also considered the beginning of the Silver Age of comics.  I’ve been a huge fan of The Flash since I started collecting comics.  I have several reprints of this issue, I just think it would be cool to own the actual issue.  However, unless I win the lottery, I just can’t fathom ever owning an actual copy of this.  And since we are dreaming that I won the lottery, I would also like the other three Showcase issues that feature The Flash as well as the entire run of the Barry Allen Flash series (#105 – 350).  However, I have a lot of the Barry Allen series, so I’d just need to complete it.

Now, let’s take a look at my white whales.

Here are some things I’ve been trying to find for years and they just keep eluding me for whatever reason:

Teen Wolf cartoon DVD
The Cartoon Adventures of Teen Wolf: The Complete Animated Series – On DVD or Blu-Ray or Laserdisc or just streamed directly into my brain via Bluetooth.  Whatever.  Why the f**k is this such a hard request? I’ve talked about this on the blog before (here and here).  I’ve mentioned it in my DVD article over on Strange Kid’s Club.  I’ve also mentioned it on the Nerd Lunch podcast.  Ad infinitum.  I want this in my DVD player right now.  This set is available in Australia, why not here?  I’ve talked about PAL vs NTSC and that whole dilemma.  I’m almost tired of talking about this.  JUST RELEASE THE DAMN DVD SET ALREADY.  I will also include the TV show Misfits of Science in this rant.  I will have them someday, I just don’t know when.  And it’s killing me.
Gold Yoda cans
Gold Yoda can – This was one of the special “chase cans” of the Pepsi Episode I collector can series.  I have every other can in that set, including the less remembered Pepsi Destiny can and the Pepsi Storm cans.  I need at least one Gold Yoda can to finally put a cap on that collection.  If we are talking “pie in the sky”, though, I would really like all 4 Gold Yoda cans from Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi One and Mt Dew.
SMDM complete seriesSMDM toys
The Six Million Dollar Man Complete Series + vintage toys – The series is out on DVD but only in the “complete series” package (all 5 seasons plus reunion movies) or Season 1 only.  I would prefer the huge series set with all the extras but I don’t want to pay $250 – 300 for it.  I want to get it somewhere between $100 and $150.  It’s getting close to that on eBay.  I would also like all 3 seasons of The Bionic Woman.  Similarly I’d also like to own some of the awesome, awesome vintage toys from both of these shows. Especially the Steve Austin with special mission arms, Bigfoot and Maskatron figures. Plus some of the awesome playsets like Mission Control Center and Bionic Mission Vehicle. Unfortunately these figs are very desirable and expensive on the secondary market.  At the very least I’d love to have a Steve Austin figure.

Things I continue to collect:
Soda cans/bottles – Mainly cans/bottles involving a newly released soda flavor or any can/bottle that is cross promoting a movie. I’ll also sometimes pick up sodas promoting video games as well like the Mt Dew Game Fuel flavors.
Star Wars figs – I’ll pick one up once in a blue moon. Especially if it’s a fig of Jedi Luke.  I especially like the vintage styled figures that have been coming out the last two years.
Vintage movie magazines or storybooks – Especially if they feature photos from deleted scenes. I recently acquired The Last Starfighter Movie Storybook from 1986.  I also got the movie magazines for The Shadow and Batman Forever.

Other entries from The League:

1. Jason Voorhees picks an awesome Holy Grail: The Nintendo World Championships cartridge. A worthy Holy Grail for any NES collector.
2. Geekshowink.com has a very personal choice for original Ernie Chan Hulk cover art. A great choice.
3. Brian himself at Cool and Collected chose some Kong banks and wind up toys.
4. Flashlights are Something to Eat picks an awesome Mister Rogers Neighborhood of Make-Believe Playset. And it looks A-MAZING.
5. The Dork Horde runs down his top 5 Holy Grails which include the awesome Shogun Warriors Godzilla and Nerfman!


6 Responses to “Of Holy Grails and white whales….Call me Ishmael”

  1. smurfwreck Says:

    Just out of curiosity, with the soda collecting do you empty the cans/bottles or keep them full? I have a tiny collection of Halloween mini cans and I’m afraid sooner or later I’ll need to empty them. Not sure at what point these things might rust or burst. I don’t know.

    • That is a valid concern, Mr Robare. For many years I was inconsistent with my emptying. I would do it for some and not for others. Mostly out of laziness.

      For now, Most of my collection sits on display on a shelf at my desk at work. In my 7 years here, I have had 2 soda leakages from cans that have not been emptied. I had to take everything down and clean it all up. And that happened TWICE. Needless to say, I empty everything now. Even bottles. It’s not a question of will they leak…but when.

  2. It sounds like you have quite the collection of stuff Paxton 🙂 Funny enough, my son collects Monster cans. I don’t know why and he won’t explain it to me. He has a section in his room where they are displayed on a long shelf. But the irony of it is, my pet peeve, is empty cans and bottles. I have to crush them and recycle them, I just HAVE too. It’s borderline OCD 🙂 Needless to say, I haven’t recycled my sons Monster cans…lol…yet!
    I myself collect too many things, I’ve got alot of old TV guides and magazines, GWTW ornaments and funky pens.

  3. I have a gold Yoda Diet Pepsi can. Unopen in mint condition. Email me if you’re interested in making a bid. Please put Gold Yoda Can in the subject so I don’t delete your email.

  4. Rachael Anilo Says:

    I’m not sure how old is post is but I have a gold Yoda Pepsi can bank. Let me know if you’re interested in buying it.

  5. I have the original gold YODA prize can from the US and not the replacement. There is no “secret word” on the can I am not sure if it is because you were supposed to turn it in for the replacement so they just didn’t bother, or if it may actually be a rare find. If there is anyone that has any comments please send them to sgtc@writeme.com.

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