I cast an Expendables movie featuring movie hackers…

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We have a new assignment for The League this week. Brian borrows a topic from the Nerd Lunch Podcast. He wants us to cast a movie with the ultimate ensemble cast. I’ve decided to join him but I’m sure CT is going to yell at me to “SAVE IT FOR THE PODCAST!”

So, ignoring CT’s protests, I’m going to create an awesome ensemble cast for a movie about computer hackers. I want to create a super team of Hollywood computer hackers. However, I’ve decided to change it up a bit and cast movie characters as opposed to actors (which I guess you can say I’m technically doing actors, but just go with it). All of the actors that played the characters are still alive as far as I’m aware.  Also, this topic neatly ties into my last League article about a modern WarGames sequel.

So, let’s move on to my ultimate cast of movie hackers:

Kevin Flynn(Via Automotive Rhythms)
Kevin Flynn (TRON and TRON Legacy) – Kevin Flynn is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of computer hacking and the leader of my “Ocean’s 11 of computer hackers”.

David Lightman(Via Nick Step)
David Lightman (WarGames and WarGames 2: DECODR) – Lightman would be the Yang to Flynn’s Yin.  Almost as talented, but a little bit more daring and unpredictable.  He would be Flynn’s second in command. Notice how I put the title of my own WarGames sequel in the movie list after Lightman’s name?  What up, Hollywood?  I’m straight up prepared to sell you that idea.  Call me.

Chloe O’Brien (24) – The lone girl hacker in this group and probably more intimidating than every other guy but one. I think I’m cheating a bit by putting a TV character in here, but I just couldn’t resist. She’s just so awesome in the show.  And I love the idea of her berating the rest of the team the whole movie.

Luther Stickell(Via BaldRUs)
Luther Stickell (Mission: Impossible 1,2 and 3) – If a team of computer hackers could ever have anyone that would be construed as “muscle” or an “enforcer”, then Luther Stickell is that man.  The Net Ranger has to be on this team.

Wyatt Donnelly
Wyatt Donnelly (Weird Science) – Wyatt is the introverted outcast on a team of outcasts. At some point, he will wear the bra on his head.  I promise you that.

Lazlo Hollyfeld
Lazlo Hollyfeld (Real Genius) – I imagine Lazlo and Wyatt being best friends as they are both so introverted. But they would also probably have the highest brain power.

That’s my list of the hacker elite.  I actually went back and forth about the type of movie I wanted.  The other idea involved casting an ultimate baseball movie.  Maybe I’ll still do that someday.

Anyway, here’s another golden movie idea from The Cavalcade.  I’m willing to sell Hollywood any of these ideas.  They would be better than much of the stuff getting released now-a-days (unless they hire terrible writers).

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6 Responses to “I cast an Expendables movie featuring movie hackers…”

  1. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Jew 4got NEO!!! LOLZ!!!

    Kidding, awesome list, especially Chloe… although I think I’d rather have Morris or Milo as they don’t hide their kids under the desks!

    Boris Grishenko from Goldeneye was also a BOSS!

    • My issue with Neo is that we are only TOLD he’s a great hacker. We never see it. I would cast Crash Override from Hackers before Neo.

      I love Morris and Milo and they would both be on my B Team, but Chloe is better.

      Boris Grishenko…..meh.

  2. smurfwreck Says:

    Awesome! Love that you included Lazlo…

  3. If they can’t get Keifer to do a 24 movie, I’d pay to see “Chloe.” beep-beep-be-de-doo

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