Pepsi’s 1999 Star Wars Episode I collector bottles


Star Wars Pepsi display

The other day, I took a look at the 1999 Pepsi Star Wars Episode I collector cans. At the same time as the collector cans, Pepsi also put Star Wars characters on their bottles.  They were the same characters that are on the cans, but the bottles included soda flavors not involved in the can promotion.  And only one character per flavor.

Here are the main Pepsi Star Wars character bottles.

Pepsi and Pepsi One

This is the regular Pepsi and Pepsi One bottle labels. Anakin was on all the Pepsi bottles as he was the #1 character can. C3PO was the only one on Pepsi One bottles and he was also on the Pepsi One cans.

Diet Pepsi and Mtn Dew

These are the Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew bottles featuring Queen Amidala and Darth Maul.  They both were also on those respective cans.

Diet Mt Dew and Wild Cherry Pepsi

Diet Mt Dew and Wild Cherry Pepsi were not a part of the collector can promotion.  Padme was originally on Diet Pepsi cans and Capt Panaka was on Mountain Dew cans.

Slice and Mug

Neither Slice nor Mug were a part of the collector can promotion.  Sebulba was originally on Pepsi cans and Jar Jar was on Mt Dew.  However, I think he works better on this Slice bottle with the blue background.

Pepsi’s test market soda, Storm, was also released in 20oz and 2 liter bottles. The bottles had a battle droid on them. These are extremely rare and I’ve only ever actually laid my eyes on this set.  The battle droid was cut off the 2 liter label scan.  It’s on the left side.

Storm bottles

Pepsi cans and bottles overseas also received a Star Wars makeover. This included flavors that were not in the US, like Pepsi Max, and flavors not a part of the US promotion, like 7-Up.  The labels overseas were also a lot more colorful featuring full color photos and graphics.

Here are some of the Pepsi Star Wars Episode I labels from England. Pepsi Max is now available in the US but in 1999 it was not.  Surprising how close this 1999 logo is to the current Pepsi Max logo.

Pepsi Max UK bottles
7-Up UK bottles

You can also check out the Diet Pepsi and Pepsi labels featuring Anakin, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Amidala.  The cans overseas looked very similar to the above labels.

Check back for more Star Wars Episode I promotions in the next day or two.


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