Nerd Lunch Episode 10: By the Power of Grayskull…

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Episode 10 of the Nerd Lunch podcast is live, my friends. This week we not only celebrate our foray into double digits, we welcome our first returning guest. Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s joins us again to wax nostalgic. And what are we waxing nostalgic about? This week we are talking about vintage He-Man toys.

We talk about our favorite figures, what we thought were some of the worst figures, the figures we owned and the figures we wish we had owned.  We talk about the effectiveness of “battle damaged” armor, the inexplicable origins of Zodac and learn one of us won a break dancing contest at a Showbiz Pizza (it ties in, sort of).  Hope you are ready for an 80s good time.

Download it from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.


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