Enter the Strange Kid’s Club Halloween Costume Contest

SKC Halloween Costume Contest

We are literally 2 months away from Halloween. That means 2 months until AWESOME-tober-fest kicks off with a month full of daily posts about vampires (which are this year’s theme). To celebrate Strange Kid’s Club is throwing a Halloween Costume Contest with tons of prizes.  First place gets $125 in Halloween merchandise goodies including a Monster Squad poster and a Strange Kid’s Club t-shirt!

All you have to do to win the prizes is follow these guidelines:

1) You can choose to become anyone or anything including a famous monster, comic book character, video game icon, cartoon character, or something completely original (the more creative your submission the better). 

2) You can use store-bought items to make your costume, but the final submission MUST BE homemade (absolutely no off-the-racks costumes). Again, be creative and try to use items in original and interesting ways like having actual salad leaves for your Salad Fingers costume.

3) Have a friend or family member take a photograph of you in costume and send the final submission via email at 150dpi resolution. Please be sure to include your full name, age, address, email, and the name of the character you’re dressed as if applicable. Submissions CANNOT be digitally enhanced or tampered with (that means no Photoshop) at all and should be recent– no digging through the family photo album!

So get your sh*t together, make those costumes and submit your entries. I want to see some awesome homemade costumes come out of this.  I plan on submitting Halloween costumes from when I was 10.  As a matter of fact, you guys may not want to submit anything, because I’m gonna win.

Peter Criss costume pirate costume


2 Responses to “Enter the Strange Kid’s Club Halloween Costume Contest”

  1. Those may just be some of the greatest Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen, Pax! Thanks for the shout-out and for getting into the spirit of things. 😉

  2. Glad to see some Halloween love out there!

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