The Cavalcade and Nerd Lunch dine like kings on the KFC Double Down

Here we all are.  Part 3 of my road trip to Tallhassee to visit my blogging brother Carlin Trammel of Nerd Lunch.  After experiencing the religious experience that is the Tallhassee Auto Museum, we decided that while our spiritual selves are full, our physical selves are now empty.  What do we do to replenish our famished bodies?

I’ll tell you what we do.  We go to KFC and dine like victorious gladiators on Double Downs.  Tonight, we dine IN HELL!!! (or a ghetto KFC; 6 of one, half a dozen of another)

You should know, right before this trip, I found out KFC has started offering a 64 ounce (one half gallon) Mega Jug of soda.  So, being the bad ass that I am, I decided I needed to drink one.  And since I was going to be at KFC anyway I needed to order a Double Down in order to have something the 64 ounces of soda could wash down into my gullet.  So Carlin and I swagger into KFC like gunfighters prepared to place our manly orders in very loud voices so everyone would know that some sh*t was about to go down.  Maybe they might want to evacuate the women and children.

I cooly glance up at the menu for dramatic effect, and I don’t see either the Double Down or the Mega Jug.  What?  No Double Down?  Holy balls.  I am going to have to burn this joint TO THE GROUND.  Que Wolverine Berzerker Rage.  Right before I start tossing tables and bustin’ skulls, Carlin suggests I just ask if they have it.  I struggle to comprehend what Carlin means by his crazy talk.  Why would that work?  So I ask the lady if they still have the Double Down and Mega Jug soda fully expecting to punch her in the face when she denies me.


She says yes, narrowly escaping the Five Fingers of Doom, heads into the back for like 5 minutes and when she comes back she hands me the biggest cup I’ve ever seen in my life.  I pay for my goods and try to put soda into what can only be described as a bucket.

KFC Mega Jug 1

Check this out. The Mega Jug takes up THREE SPOTS on the soda fountain.  That would make getting a suicide easier.  So, I sit there for about 10 minutes while I fill the bucket up with Diet Pepsi.  Then I become concerned because I’m not entirely sure a human bladder is designed to house 64ozs of Diet Pepsi.

KFC Mega Jug 2 KFC Mega Jug 3

Here I am trying to drink the Mega Jug.  It was like trying to drink out of a bird bath.

Our Order

So our order finally showed up. Carlin got a Double Down. I got a Double Down. Along with the Double Down I also ordered a Doublicious sandwich (because I’m a man).  And the aforementioned sh*t is no longer going down, it’s GONE.

Chowing Down Chowing Down 2

So, how was it? The Double Down is pretty awesome as a sandwich. Greasy as all hell, but good. I love the idea that there is no bun on this, however, after eating one, I wish there was a bun on it. It’s really hard to eat with no bun. Plus, the paper wrapping gets all wet and soggy from the grease and sometimes, if you aren’t careful, you’ll chewing a wad of paper wondering why this bite tastes like a school notebook.

I also ate a Doublicious sandwich.  The Doublicious is essentially the same as the Double Down, but take away 1 chicken patty and add a bun.  I enjoyed eating the Doublicious more than the Double Down because of the bun, but the experience of eating a Double Down was more exciting than the Doublicious.  And the Mega Jug?  It’s a lot of goddam soda.  A LOT.  I finished it, but not without going to the bathroom every 15 minutes for like 3 hours.

So, overall, this KFC trip was a grand success.  I had good food, great company, great conversation.  Carlin and I talked about Star Wars, Star Trek, movies, comics, being married, having kids…you name it, we covered it.  It was a blast.  I’m really glad I made the trip out to West Florida to meet him.

So that’s it for my trip out to Tallahassee.  As you can see, we made the most of the day.  Hopefully I can make it back out there someday.  Maybe this time Carlin can bring his wife and kids and we can all hang out together.  Or he and his family can come to Jacksonville and hang out with the Holleys there.

Regardless, I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about our exploits. Carlin and I have discussed doing more projects together. I’ll let you guys know when our plans are more finalized.

In the meantime, check out Nerd Lunch for some more pictures from our trip.

Have a great weekend.


11 Responses to “The Cavalcade and Nerd Lunch dine like kings on the KFC Double Down”

  1. Dr. Mike Says:

    My jealousy knows no bounds, but my gut and my arteries thank you for trying this so I didn’t have to. Although, DIET soda? Not to quibble, but a man would have had a regular coke, and asked for extra sugar packets to fortify it. Get it right, Holley!

  2. The problem is, I don’t like regular Pepsi. I’m not going to drink half a gallon of a soda I don’t like.

  3. Wow, you need two hands for that soda! It’s like the broadsword of soda cups!

  4. Oh, and I’m still waiting for Pizza Hut to step up the the Double Down Challenge and offer a slice with a fully sausage patty instead of the pizza dough… 😉

  5. THAT would be awesome, Shawn.

  6. Those Double Downs are delicious! Definitely a man-sandwich. I have to say you are a brave soul to order and consume that trough of soda..The biggest drink I ever had was a Super Big Gulp(44 oz.) from 7-11. A nice way to cap off this adventure. Probably one of my favorite reads on Cavalcade thus far.

  7. Dr. Mike Says:

    Oh, got it. I thought you were the same tough guy who has withstood 3 twilight movies.. My Bad!

  8. While I have indulged in the Double Down before, I have yet to try a Doublicious.

    But perhaps of greater interest to me is the Mega Jug. That has me written all over it…

  9. Isn’t this what they mean when they tell us to eat a “balanced diet” — salt and sugar in equal measure? A smaller drink wouldn’t have balanced out the sodium in the Double Double down. Good call.

  10. You are so right, Stephanie. Haha!

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