My elementary school sticker collection Part II: More Mr T and bumper stickers

Back in March, I took a look at my elementary school sticker collection. It consisted of some scratch and sniff stickers, puffy Mr T stickers and a crap load of Michael Jackson stickers. It was pretty popular and I got several requests for more awesome 80s sticker goodness. So I’m delivering.

First off, I had a few requests for a better look at the Mr T puffy stickers on the front and back covers of my sticker album. To refresh your memory, here’s the cover to my sticker album.

sticker album cover

So, I scanned the Mr T stickers again and tried to clean them up a bit with Photoshop. Here they are.
Mr T bending a pipe Mr T lifting a semi
On the left we have cartoon, puffy Mr T bending a pipe with his bare, manly hands. The one on the right is probably my favorite, Mr T lifting a f’n semi over his head.  It looks like the two truck tires are reaching down to hug the awesomeness that is cartoon, puffy Mr T.

Mr T Mr T head
Here are two stickers I didn’t actually share in the earlier article. They were on the inside cover of the sticker album. A full body shot of Mr T looking like he’s about to tackle some poor fool (left) and Mr T’s giant head (right).

So, those were the awesome Mr T puffy stickers. They are obviously based on the Mr T cartoon from 1983-1984 that featured Mr T traveling around the country with a group of young gymnasts (!?). Now, let’s take a look at another faction of this sticker collection, bumper stickers. I collected a few bumper stickers around the same time I kept the above sticker album. The majority of the bumper stickers I obtained as prizes/giveaways at my elementary school’s Fall Festival. They were an easy way to promote stuff to us kids.

Here are some of the better ones.

Putt Putt
Here’s a Putt-Putt Golf & Games bumper sticker from the mid-80s. This particular Putt-Putt was located on Hwy 31 in Birmingham right in the middle of Hoover. It was there for me like a good friend all through elementary and high school. It later turned into a Krispy Kreme donuts and then something else which I can’t remember. I’m not sure what is there now.

drunk driving

These bumper stickers are great for the logos alone. This is a MADD sticker (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) that is sponsored by local TV station WBRC6 and Big B Drugs. Big B Drugs was owned by the local Bruno’s Supermarkets and was the precursor to stores like CVS and Walgreens. Big B was bought out by Revco then CVS in the mid-90s. I love that they passed out drunk driving bumper stickers to elementary school kids.

Pepsi Just Say No
What would an 80s bumper sticker collection be without a “Just Say No” sticker? It would be dead inside. So here’s mine, and it has a great 80s Pepsi logo too.

I-95 Pepsi
This is advertising the local radio station I-95. At the time, I-95 had Mark and Brian in the mornings. That morning show was glorious and it was devastating when they moved to California.

ET Mental Health
This is an awesomely odd bumper sticker using what I can only imagine is an unlicensed image of ET. And he’s promoting mental health.  And not drinking and driving.  To elementary school kids.

Camp Cosby!
This was the summer camp I attended for three summers in the 80s.

Birmingham Stallions
In 1984 the Birmingham Stallions were the USFL Southern Division Champions (and again in 1985). Fun fact: In 1985, the Stallions drafted Jerry Rice out of Mississippi Valley. However, obviously, Rice would go on to play in the NFL and not in Birmingham or the USFL.

Those are some of the more interesting bumper stickers. If you want to see some of the others, I have them on my Flickr stream in my Trading Cards/stickers set.


4 Responses to “My elementary school sticker collection Part II: More Mr T and bumper stickers”

  1. Mr. T lifting a semi-truck over his head has the be the epitome of bad*ssery. I pity the fool who doesn’t eat my Mr. T cereal… fool.

  2. The bumper stickers just exude awesomeness! The sticker of Mr. T’s head looks like Mike Tyson with a mohawk. Dontcha’ think?

  3. Mr. T items are so great! I saw a vintage Mr. T air freshener a couple of weekends ago, but the seller wouldn’t lower the price from $12, so I left it behind. I bet it still smelled tough, after all these years.

  4. Yeah, Brian, I bet is smelled like ass kickings and pittied fools. I’m sure it was awesome, but they wanted $12? Yikes. That person was like some of the people in Pawn Stars. They want like $1200 and walk away with $125.

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