Awesomeness Elsewhere – Mar 4, 2011

The Quick and the Dead
It’s been a good week.  Hope everyone else has had a good one also.

Here’s some of my other goings on around the Internets:

– I talk about a few of the notable DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week on Strange Kids Club including 3 movie sequels I had no idea existed and a PG-13 version of Showgirls.

– I’ve been reading a bunch of western novels lately so this week on Held Over is Western Week.  I looked at 5 ads for westerns including The Quick and the Dead, Quigley Down Under and Lust in the Dust.


3 Responses to “Awesomeness Elsewhere – Mar 4, 2011”

  1. Not sure if it’s showing as such for you, but the image is a big “No hotlinking please” graphic.

    And I need to watch more Westerns. Does Quigley Down Under count, though, given that it’s… well, Australia?

  2. I went to see The Quick and the Dead in the theater….am I that old? lol

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