A Poutpourri of Stuff including Sharktopus and Debbie Gibson vs Tiffany

I don’t have a formal article for this week because a) I’m prepping for Billy the Kid Week starting August 9 and b) I’m lazy as hell.  So, here are some quick things for you guys.

First, I finally got off my butt and snagged the cavalcadeofawesome.net domain.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I thought I had all the domains I could hold in my package.  Apparently, my domain package includes three domains, not two.  So, along with paxholley.net and paxtonholley.net, I’ve now acquired cavalcadeofawesome.net.  If you already have my feed, you shouldn’t need to change anything, but it’s nice that http://cavalcadeofawesome.net will now bring you here.  At least I think it’s neat.

What. The. Hell. Is. This?! Check out the trailer above for Syfy’s new movie, Sharktopus! The first time I watched it I had to wonder if it was a real movie.  Then I saw Eric Roberts and I knew it had to be real.  And awesome! And crazy as sh*t!

Speaking of bad monster movies, this is a clip from Mega Python vs Gatoroid. WTF is a gatoroid you ask? I have no idea. An android gator is my best guest. However, that’s irrelevant because apparently this movie features a huge cat fight between Debbie (Deborah) Gibson and Tiffany. It’s pretty awesome, see it in the clip above. I love this more than words.

Now, speaking of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, this is Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Rick Astley and Samantha Fox all on one stage performing Astley’s Together Forever for some Nostalgic 80s concert in Canada. I had to watch it like 15 times before I could convince my brain that something this awesome was actually happening and that it was happening in CANADA. WTF?! There’s also an awesome clip of just Tiffany and Debbie Gibson performing Could’ve Been on stage.  FYI…Debbie, Tiffany and Samantha all look super hot!

San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend. Lots of movie and comic news. One of the best things, though, to come out of it is the above clip. One of my favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds, was on a panel discussing his upcoming Green Lantern movie. The cutest kid on Earth gets up and asks Ryan to recite the Green Lantern oath. Reynolds does it and blows the little kid’s mind. Probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen. EVER.

So that’s some of the coolness I’ve come across this week.  Like I mentioned, Billy the Kid Week will unofficially kick off on August 1st for the 20th birthday of Young Guns II.  The official Billy the Kid Week will start August 9th and last all week with me reviewing 5 or 6 movies featuring the character of Billy the Kid.  Should be fun, Billy the Kid is one of my favorite historical figures of all time.

Some come join me for Billy the Kid week in a few weeks, and have a great weekend everyone.


6 Responses to “A Poutpourri of Stuff including Sharktopus and Debbie Gibson vs Tiffany”

  1. Great primer for Bill the Kid, Pax. 😉

    I’m conflicted about Sharktopus to be honest. On the one had it looks outlandishly campy and funny, but on the other… really?! At least let’s be thankful that its not in 3D. Oooh. Ahhhh.

    That Green Lantern clip is so freaking awesome. Good job by Reynolds for not only respecting the source material but its fans as well.

    • I know, right? I had trouble finishing a new article and I couldn’t come up with anything else. I’ve been busy prepping for Billy the Kid Week that I forgot about this week.

  2. I honestly don’t know what to say about Sharktopus. I thought it was fake too when I saw it the other day. Very odd. Well I can honestly say I’ve never seen a cat fight like that before! I ♥ Ryan Reynolds!

  3. BILLY THE KIDD WEEK? Like the real Billy the Kidd or something fake?

    I admit I’m strangely obsessed. My husband’s family has a place in Taos, NM, so on our way there we always drive through Ft. Sumter which is presumably where the Kidd is buried. I’ve always wanted to go to the museums (my obsession probably has to do with Young Guns II) and now it has become a running joke–“remember that time you didn’t take me to the museum” ad nauseum.

    Ahhh–might have to go listen to some Bon Jovi…

  4. cool about the new domain name 🙂
    SyFy needs to chillax with these movies already. Dinocroc was bad enough now Sharktopus sounds worse.
    And lol about that catfight between Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

  5. I dunno about you, but I would have went with .com.

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